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5 Ways Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Could Return Following No Way Home

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man
(Image credit: Sony)

MAJOR SPOILERS are ahead for Spider-Man: No Way Home. See it in theaters now before reading ahead. 

The spider is out of the bag. Finally, I can talk about Andrew Garfield being in Spider-Man: No Way Home, especially considering the actor is now telling all about returning to the role. Seven years after the actor last put on his Amazing Spider-Man suit, Garfield's Peter Parker returned alongside Tobey Maguire's Peter to assist Tom Holland’s Spidey in his multiverse mission. The movie served as incredible closure for the ghosts of Spider-Man past to come out on top after their unfortunate franchise endings, but I’d be lying if I said that now the portal has opened, I want it to stay closed. Keep it coming, Garfield!

Andrew Garfield is my favorite actor who has played Spider-Man, and as No Way Home showed, he not only still has it it, but he still loves playing the part. He shared his interest in returning following the movie’s incredible box office success and record-setting audience reactions, saying that he is “open” to it if it’s in service of the character and audience. In the spirit of us, I would like to talk out some avenues that could bring the The Amazing Spider-Man lead back in action! 

Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in No Way Home

(Image credit: Marvel)

Another Spider-Man Team-Up Movie

Spider-Man: No Way Home fits in a lot of characters and fan service whilst also wrapping up the arc of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker across his own trilogy. That’s not an easy thing to do, but the movie achieved the impossible. But on a second viewing, part of me just wanted to fast-forward to the three Peters hanging out. They are great together, and I can’t help but want to see more of their dynamic play out than what was shown in this movie. 

One way Andrew Garfield could return is alongside all of his Spider-brothers with another team-up movie with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. Because Holland’s Spidey is all alone in a world that doesn’t know who he is, I could see him craving a reunion, or maybe one of them calls on the other to help with another threat. I love this idea because it would expand on what No Way Home started. 

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

(Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing)

A Disney+ Amazing Spider-Man Series

A trend as of late for Marvel has been to expand its established universe on streaming with hit shows like WandaVision, Loki and Hawkeye. Who’s to say that couldn’t continue on Disney+ with an Amazing Spider-Man series for Andrew Garfield? It could allow the actor to flesh out his character in the first-ever Spider-Man series, perhaps by fighting more villains, meeting his MJ and continuing to be a great Spider-Man through a different medium. 

I like this idea in some ways, and in others I don’t see it happening considering how massive Spider-Man has been to theatrical audiences. Additionally, Spider-Man is shared with Sony, which may not sign off on its Amazing Spider-Man becoming something so exclusively “Disney.” But again, it would give us more time with my beloved Peter #3. 

Spider-Man vs. Venom in Marvel Comics artwork

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Vs. Venom

After Spider-Man: No Way Home, many Venom fans may have been disappointed to not see Tom Hardy’s Venom in the movie until the end-credits scene, where Eddie Brock has only a short visit in the MCU. That being said, I’m sure there’s more Venom coming up somehow and somewhere. Could it be possible that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is in Venom’s universe? We still have yet to see this new Venom clash with Spider-Man, and this would be an interesting way to do it. Plus, a few morsels of Venom were left in the MCU, which may result in Holland’s Peter needing to team up with one of the older Peters again. 

While I’m intrigued by this idea, if it actually happened, I think I might be a little bummed. For the time being, Tom Hardy’s Venom leans into being a fun, but super ridiculous side of Marvel, and pairing that with Garfield may not be the best match. That being said, if done right it could bring more comedy out of Garfield and more weight to Hardy’s anti-hero. 

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man during Gwen's death scene, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

(Image credit: Sony)

Picking Back Up With The Amazing Spider-Man 3 

Perhaps the most straightforward option is to give Andrew Garfield a third Spider-Man movie, i.e. finally make the previously-axed The Amazing Spider-Man 3. The actor is the only one to have made two standalone movies rather than three, and there were a lot of loose ends left untied before No Way Home. The 2014 sequel saw Peter Parker losing his first love Gwen Stacy just after graduation. 

There were tons of unresolved plans for the next Amazing Spider-Man movies, including Shailene Woodley playing Mary Jane Watson and Felicity Jones playing Black Cat, that could still happen somehow now that the character has been resurrected. I do believe we can live in a world where both Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield are Spider-Man, as long as different enough things are going on with each. 

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

(Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing)

Andrew Garfield’s Spidey Meets Miles Morales 

The last idea I’ll throw out there has to do with a specific scene between Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, where the villain quips that he always thought Spidey was Black. It was clearly a reference to Miles Morales, and I imagine at some point, Miles will come into the picture. But y’all, what if Andrew Garfield was the Spider-Man to mentor Miles? Many will fight me and say Tom Holland should do it, and I like that idea too, but since Andrew’s Spidey has already aged, it’d be cool to see an older Peter Parker mentor Miles, you know? 

As I lay out all these ideas, I’m circling back to loving the idea of seeing multiple Spider-Men like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire paired with Tom Holland for a second time, or simply have the three of them together again because it was just too good. This trio was the best part of the film, but at the same time, was only a small part of the actual movie. How would you like to see Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man return? While we wait for any developments, there’s a number of upcoming Marvel movies on the way. 

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