Ben Stiller Shared A Sweet Throwback And Tribute To His Dad Jerry On The Anniversary Of His Death

Jerry and Ben Stiller
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The death of a loved one may mean that person is no longer here to create new memories with, but the memories you had with that person when they were alive will carry on. When a celebrity passes away, those who knew that person as a fan, friend or family member will continue to honor their memory. Ben Stiller made sure to do that for his father, Jerry Stiller, by sharing a throwback photo of him on the anniversary of his death.

On this day in 2020, comedian actor Jerry Stiller passed away at the age of 92 from natural causes. In a career that has spanned for over 60 years, Jerry Stiller's performing work included stand-up comedy, late night show appearances, Broadway, movies and television. His son, who you may know as comedy actor Ben Stiller, tweeted a throwback photo of his father when he was very young. You cannot help but see the striking family resemblance. In the caption, Ben Stiller shared his love for his dad.

Jerry Stiller got his big break in the 1950s being part of an improv troupe called the Compass Players, which later turned into Second City. Another member of Second City ended up being his future wife, Anne Meara. According to CBS News, Stiller and Meara met in a casting agent’s office when Stiller asked her out for coffee after seeing her distraught from a bad casting agent interaction. They would eventually get married and make numerous appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show calling their comedy duo Stiller and Meara. They continued working together as a comedy team until they decided to pursue separate directions with their careers. 

This comedy power couple both made great feats in their careers. Before her tragic death in 2015, Anne Meara would make guest appearances in shows like Law & Order: SVU, as well as receive four Emmy nominations and a Tony Award. Her husband did pretty outstandingly too, as he appeared in more than 100 movies and TV shows, including the original Hairspray, Zoolander with his son and King of Queens. Oh, and you cannot forget him being part of the historical cast of Seinfeld. Jerry Stiller appeared in 26 episodes as Frank Costanza, the temperamental father of Jason Alexander’s George Costanza, and was the source of many of the sitcom's funniest moments. This comedy star’s unforgettable performances stand the test of time with his son continuing to follow in his father’s footsteps to make audiences laugh.

Ben Stiller isn't the only person who honored his father after his death. A number of people paid touching tributes towards Jerry Stiller, such as Jason Alexander, who said Jerry Stiller was the “kindest man” he ever had the honor to work with who always made him laugh. The King of Queens star Kevin James, who played Stiller’s son-in-law on the show, thought of him as “kind, loving and funny” and thanked him for the memories. Leah Remini, Jerry Seinfeld and William Shatner were among the handful of other people who have expressed their condolences toward Jerry Stiller. 

Losing a loved one is never easy, but leaving a mark on the world and being able to touch the hearts of those around you is an amazing accomplishment that Jerry Stiller did before his passing. The comedy world, critics, family, friends, and those here at CinemaBlend will all miss him.

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