Billie Eilish Changed Her Look Yet Again, And I Can't Keep Up Anymore

There are two sure things in this world: the seasons will change each year, and with that, Billie Eilish will dye her hair another color. The 19-year-old No Time To Die singer turned a lot of heads early this year when she switched up her hair from her iconic green roots with black hair to an old Hollywood blonde. For nearly a year, Eilish has been rocking the look, but apparently it was time for another change. 

Billie Eilish surprised fans Thursday evening on Instagram when she debuted yet another dramatic new hair transformation. Turns out she’s already said goodbye to her bright blonde and has gone back to black. Check it out: 

I can’t keep up anymore, y’all. Billie Eilish is going to constantly transform herself and we’re going to need to come to grips with that. At first glance, I’m a bit bummed to see the blonde go, but I’m sure it will grow on fans like the blonde did. Her previous transformation was a dramatic change, but it really defined her Happier Than Ever era and it was fun to see the singer take the color to different avenues in between her shorter shag and longer do. 

That being said, Billie Eilish changing things up is inheritently Billie. In a recent Vanity Fair interview, the No Time To Die songstress spoke on the public reaction to her constantly shifting style, saying these words: 

Literally the thing I’ve been preaching about since I first started is wear what you want, dress how you want, act how you want, talk how you want, be how you want. That’s all I’ve ever said. It’s just being open to new things and not letting people ruin it for you.

The singer was speaking about her big moment in the spotlight when she did a lingerie photoshoot for Vogue, and her fans started to call it her “new” look. Billie Eilish said she noticed fans would pile on picking between her old and new style, but as she shared, there is no new and old style. She’ll always be evolving and changing up how she defines herself through fashion because she loves to express herself that way so much. 

The singer is four months removed from releasing Happier Than Ever, and is getting ready to tour beginning in February. Also, it’s possible that Billie Eilish is starting to get recognized more and more for her blonde hair and the black is a way for her to fade in the background a bit. This keeps us guessing as she seeks to live as normal of a life as she can as one of the biggest stars in the world. 

We can likely expect to see Billie Eilish in awards season considering her Bond theme could be an Oscar contender and she was recently nominated for seven Grammys ahead of the 2022 show. Will her hair still be black by then? That's hard to say. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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