Billie Eilish Has A Message For The Fans Saying It's Her Flop Era

Billie Eilish in Lost Cause music video
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As Billie Eilish gets ready to release her next album Happier Than Ever, the 19-year-old No Time To Die singer has been dealing with some public pushback. In anticipation for the release, Eilish has dyed her hair platinum blonde, posed for a corset magazine shoot to promote body positivity and had to apologize for mouthing a racial slur in a video from her preteen years. What now? Well, apparently some of her fans are calling her recent music her “flop era.”

Billie Eilish established herself to a wider audience in 2019 with the release of her Grammy-winning album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The collection of songs famously included pop-charting bangers “Bad Guy” and “You Should See Me In a Crown,” but as Eilish unfolds her latest music, some listeners find the music quality to be uneven. To each their own, but the hate has reached Billie, and she posted this response on her TikTok:


I guess Billie Eilish is reading the comment section. The 19-year-old posted a video of her reaction to some apparently popular discourse among fans on the social media app. Her eyes wandered suspiciously in the short clip as she hid a smile and told people to “eat my dust” because her “tits are bigger than yours.” Well, that’s that.

Billie Eilish’s most recent single is called “NDA,” which is a brooding track that has the singer discussing having a love interest sign a non-disclosure agreement in order for their relationship to continue. The song includes an intense back beat as she sings “Maybe I should think about a new career” and “How’d it get so dark?” Here’s the music video for “NDA,” which Billie Eilish directed herself:

I’ll be honest, as a fan of Billie Eilish, “NDA” didn’t necessarily blow my mind either. The song is intriguing and the video involving some seriously dangerous practical set pieces can be respected. Also, Eilish opening up about her experiences with fame is interesting and well orchestrated. But at the same time, many of the songs we’re hearing in anticipation for Happier Than Ever are unfolding a new side of the artist that I don’t necessarily have on repeat.

“NDA” did not debut on the Billboard Hot 100 following her last single “Lost Cause” peaking at No. 15 last month. Although Eilish’s latest music may not be for everyone, by no means do I think the work Billie Eilish is doing for the upcoming album is entirely “flop”-worthy.

It is understandable that fans might be a little disappointed following the huge hype Billie Eilish has garnered within the past few years with her music. She walks a thin line of being a mainstream talent that a lot more people love, whilst the singer is also branching out and experimenting with not only her music, but her public persona. Although the internet likes to bad mouth, Eilish seems to be confident about her upcoming album coming out in full on July 30, and we’ll wait and see how that goes.

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