No Time To Die Singer Billie Eilish Shares Honest Reason Why She Changed Up Her Look

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A big topic surrounding Billie Eilish of late has been the pop singer’s fresh blonde locks and more form-fitting fashion sense ahead of her second studio album Happier Than Ever. Prior to unveiling the totally different look with the first of her new music earlier this year, Eilish’s neon hair and loose clothing had become her signature look. After her switched-up look went viral, the 19-year-old is getting honest about why she made the recent changes.

If anyone else decided to dye their hair or mix up some fashion choices in their closet, it wouldn’t be a national news story, but this is Billie Eilish we’re talking about. The first photos of her blonde hair broke an Instagram record back in April, and when she posed for a corset shoot in May, she broke her own previous record. Her motivation? Eilish said this about her new hair:

I wanted something that was more natural, and also, I wasn’t depressed. I felt the need to change it all the time when I was more unstable.

Over the years, Billie Eilish has rocked blue hair, green hair, silver hair and lavender hair. It was an artistic choice that became a trademark for the singer. But for Happier Than Ever, Billie decided to go for her most understated look yet: light blonde. It’s the first time she’s gone for a more subtle look, and as she told the Los Angeles Times, the decision had a lot to do with her mental state. She’s been feeling in a more stable place lately, so she went with a more ordinary hair color, and that’s that. Also, these days she's owning her body instead of hiding it:

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During the interview, Billie Eilish also reacted to the response to her showing more skin than ever more recently following years of baggy t-shirts and long shorts. Here’s what she said:

Because you could see my shoulders, everyone was, like, ‘Oh, my God, she turned 18 and she’s a slut!’... Every girl wants to feel desirable. But then there’s a whole world of men who argue that women say, ‘Oh, I don’t want men to sexualize me’ but then wear shirts that show their boobs and sing songs about having sex.’ I’m like, do you not get the idea that we want to wear what we feel good in but we don’t want you to jump in? It’s very dumb.

As Billie Eilish’s popularity has grown, the artist has been met with more situations where she needs to stand up for herself and speak to the larger issue surrounding her more frequent criticism. Following the response to her corset photos, Eilish shared that it makes her feel like she never wants to post again. It’s already not easy to be a teenage girl in 2021. Can you imagine being a famous one?

Recently Billie Eilish was targeted for mouthing a racial slur when she was 13 years old along with some fans dubbing her Happier Than Ever album her “flop” era prior to its release. We’ll have to see how we see Eilish after her entire album is released this Friday, July 30 ahead of her theme song for No Time To Die coming to theaters on October 8.

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