Blake Lively Shares Wild Bad Hair Day Photo, Blames Ryan Reynolds

For as long as there have been famous people, there have been celebrity couples. While fame can make one’s private life into a public matter, a number of these couples have a good sense of humor about it. Case in point: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who are regularly poking fun at each other on social media– to the delight of fans. That trend continued recently when Lively shared a wild bad hair day photo, and put the blame on her famous husband.

Ryan Reynolds is known for his sharp wit, and it seems like their mutual sense of humor is partly what makes he and wife Blake Lively such a successful couple. Both A-lister’s social media game is on point, and the Gossip Girl icon recently peeled back the curtain on the less glamorous aspects of her life. Case in point: her recent Instagram Story about having a bad hair day, and tagging the people in her life who saw her and didn’t say anything. Check it out below:

Blake Lively's Instagram Story

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Celebrities: they really are just like us. While Blake Lively is known for stunning looks at events like the Met Gala, even she’s not immune from having a bad hair day. Or in this case, a truly wild hair day that no one warned her about. And as you can see from her caption, Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only loved one who she’s placing blame on.

Blake Lively shared this peek behind the curtain at her life on Instagram, where she’s got a whopping 36.9 million followers at the time of writing this story. While celebrities can sometimes feel like they’re on another level than the rest of us, this was a humbling glimpse into the Green Lantern actress’ experience. As if being pregnant and a mother isn’t difficult enough, she really got played by Ryan Reynolds and company regarding her hair snafu.

As previously mentioned, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively recently shared a thrilling life update to their countless fans: she’s pregnant with their fourth child. The Reynolds/Lively family is getting even bigger, which will no doubt cause more stress and hilarious moments for the pair of celebrities. Luckily they’ve got a support system with famous friends like Taylor Swift.

Of course, the biggest question that fans currently have surrounding Ryan Reynolds is exactly what the actor/writer/producer has up his sleeve for Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3. He successfully broke the internet with news that Hugh Jackman was once again returning to the role of Wolverine. But not much else is known, including which cast members might be returning and how Wade Wilson will factor into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool 3 is currently expected to arrive in theaters on November 8th, 2024. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your trips to the theater in the New Year. As for Blake Lively, she’s got two movie titles currently in pre-production. 

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