Deadpool 3’s Hugh Jackman Recalls The Moment He Reached Out To Ryan Reynolds About Returning As Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds announcing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine return set the internet on fire. Even though rumors were flying about his return before the announcement, it was a welcomed surprise to Wolverine fans, especially after the character’s demise in Logan. But Jackman had been teasing Reynolds about his quest to get the beloved mutant in Deadpool 3. despite throwing shade at the Les Miserable star's retirement.  It was about more than their ongoing friendly feud. Marvel fans are excited to see the X-Man on the big screen again. As they wait for his return, the X-Men alum recalled the moment he reached out to his friend about playing the character once more.

Before the announcement, the Greatest Showman star couldn’t go a day without fans begging him to play Logan one more time. Jackman was aloof with Variety before the official announcement was made. After admitting he lied to any and everyone who asked about reprising the Marvel character, the Hollywood renaissance man made his final decision while on vacation with his family. The movie and stage star revealed he was worn down by Reynolds’ daily calls to join Deadpool and co.

I think, actually, he’d given up. I think it was a big shock to him. There was a massive pause, and then he said, ‘I can’t believe the timing of this.’

Reynolds’ reaction to Jackman’s response was expected. He’d been advocating for Wolverine to join in the messiness of Deadpool since Deadpool 2. So the Red Notice star was every Marvel fan upon the Wolverine actor finally saying “yes.”

The multihyphenate soon regretted setting aside Wolverine upon seeing the first Deadpool film. Jackman recalled brainstorming ideas for the Merc with a Mouth and the gruff X-Man while watching the 2016 film.

I went to a screening of ‘Deadpool.’ I was 20 minutes in, and I was like, ‘Ah, damn it!’ All I kept seeing in my head was ‘48 Hours’ with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. So, it’s been brewing for a long time. It just took me longer to get here.

So, the song-and-dance man had been ruminating on a Wolverine-Deadpool team-up for some time. It appeared the action-comedy sparked his interest in reprising the role. Referring to the classic buddy comedy 48 Hrs. alluded to Jackman being down for all the chaos and jokes Deadpool and co. get into both movies.

Deadpool 3 is currently in development as it will be the first film in Marvel’s Phase Six. The sequel will hit movie theaters on November 8, 2024. Reynolds and Jackman are the only confirmed cast members with Free Guy director Shawn Levy helming the Deadpool 2 sequel. Jackman already has a nickname for the sequel. It is unclear if any new characters will be introduced or who will return from the first two films. It is also unknown when the film will begin production after the release date was pushed back.

In the meantime, there are upcoming Marvel movies set to hit theaters over the next year or so, including Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Black Panther sequel will be Phase Four’s final outing when it arrives in theaters on November 11. Look over our 2022 movie schedule to see what other upcoming movies are premiering this year.

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