Brad Pitt Follows In Harry Styles’ Footsteps, Rocks A Skirt On Bullet Train’s Red Carpet

Brad Pitt smiling at the premiere of Bullet Train
(Image credit: Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

One unique aspect of being a famous actor is the attendance of premieres and walking on red carpets. As countless flashbulbs go off in front of you, celebs are expected to rock a stylish look that will intrigue the general public. There's recently been a trend with a few famous actors on the carpet: rocking a breezy skirt. And now Brad Pitt is following in Harry Styles’ footsteps, rocking a skirt on Bullet Train’s red carpet.

Pop star/actor Harry Styles has been pushing all sorts of boundaries with his fashion choices as of late, wearing bold statement pieces and wading the waters of gender neutral clothing. Styles has rocked skirts both at events and photo shoots, and it looks like that trend is gaining some momentum. Case in point: Brad Pitt's recent look at the premiere of the action flick Bullet Train. Check it out below,

Brad Pitt on the red carpet of Bullet Train in a skirt

(Image credit: (Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images for Sony Pictures))

Talk about a bold fashion choice. But if anyone can rock a skirt, blazer, and untucked dress shirt its Brad Pitt. He's been a bonafide sex icon for decades, so he's earned the right to swing big on the red carpet. And given the current heat wave that's been gripping the globe, you can't fault him for wanting to wear something breezy while posing for photo opportunities.

Of course, Brad Pitt wasn't the only person from the cast of Bullet Train to walk the red carpet for the upcoming action flick. He'd later pose with fellow actors like Joey King, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, and Brian Tyree Henry in a group photo. Sadly, he was the only one rocking a skirt.

The cast of Bullet Train on the red carpet

(Image credit: (Photo by Ben Kriemann/Getty Images for Sony Pictures))

The skirt trend might be most closely associated with Harry Styles, but he's not the only person who has been pushing the boundaries of what's expected for male fashions. Star Wars and Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac has also made a habit out of rocking a skirt, proudly wearing these pieces at the premiere of his Marvel show and the Met Gala. He and Styles are both leading men, and Brad Pitt's years in front of the camera speak for themselves.

While walking the red carpet for Bullet Train, Brad Pitt took the time to sign a few autographs from eager fans. While doing so a photo captured what the Fight Club actor's skirt looked like from behind. Check it out for yourself below,

Brad Pitt's skirt from behind at the Bullet Train premiere

(Image credit: (Photo by Ben Kriemann/Getty Images for Sony Pictures))

And that's how you do it. Brad Pitt has officially joined the fashion trend of Hollywood men wearing skirts. Since Pitt definitely has a loud voice in the entertainment world, it should be interesting to see if more actors start touting this bold fashion choice in the future. Because if folks like him and Oscar Isaac are brave enough, then others very well may follow. Who doesn't want to be as cool as that dynamic duo?

Bullet Train will arrive in theaters on August 5th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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