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I Can't Decide If I'm More Obsessed With Oscar Isaac's Kilt Or Brazen Hawaiian Shirt On Marvel Red Carpets This Month

Oscar Isaac on Moon Knight
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Red carpet looks are something that the world enjoys pouring over, especially when you’ve got a subject like Oscar Isaac. Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe this month, thanks to his role in the apparently brutal Disney+ series Moon Knight, the actor has certainly given the world something to talk about with his wardrobe. However, I can’t decide if I’m more obsessed with his recent kilted ensemble, or a brazen but solid Hawaiian shirt look that has also been making the round? Let’s discuss both, shall we?

Look 1: Oscar Isaac’s London Premiere Outfit

When a kilt is mentioned in the mix, you kind of have to start with that as your first point of order. However, other reports of Oscar Isaac’s look for the London premiere of Moon Knight go on record as stating that this isn’t a kilt, but rather a pleated skirt. Vogue clocks the designer of this outfit as Thom Browne, and apparently Isaac has been looking for a chance to mix this look into his repertoire. Whether you call it a kilt or a skirt, you can take a look at the full outfit below:

Oscar Isaac standing in a skirt at the London Moon Knight premiere.

(Image credit: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer)

It’s a mixture of the classic with the modern, as the gray blazer handles the former, with the latter being displayed in the skirt. Combined, it’s a look that certainly fits Oscar Isaac, who’s also been in the news for his performance in one of the 10 films nominated for this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture Dune. One has to wonder if this is a prelude to whatever he’ll be wearing to this Sunday’s ceremony, provided of course he’s been invited to attend.

That being said, there’s the second Moon Knight premiere look that we need to talk about. While it’s a bit more casual, it’s still a bold statement that aligns with Oscar Isaac’s vibrant personality. It may not be for the Oscars, but it’s definitely fitting for Oscar.

Look 2: Oscar Isaac’s Spain Premiere Outfit

When you think of Hawaiian shirts, it’s hard not to jump to the image of a tacky tourist sticking out like a sore thumb. That preconceived notion needs to be broken, as the right styling can make such a prospect work in the name of fresh fashion. For your consideration, please take a look at our next Oscar Isaac look, from Spain’s premiere event for Moon Knight: 

Oscar Isaac standing in a yellow Hawaiian shirt, with copper pants, at the Spain Moon Knight premiere.

(Image credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez / Stringer)

First of all, when it comes to Hawaiian shirts, this flowery yellow number is extremely subdued. You can see why Isaac would have chosen this one for a Marvel premiere, because it’s comfortable and flashy, but doesn’t disrespect the event. But the killer addition to this look has to be the copper colored pants. While you wouldn’t catch Moon Knight’s heroic lead wearing anything this colorful, at least not based on what we saw in the Super Bowl trailer, this feels purely at home with Isaac himself.

Complemented by cherry-ish brown shoes, the total ensemble commits to color and excitement. It’s easy to just fall back on a pair of black pants with matching shoes and call it a night, but Oscar Isaac, and his stylist Michael Fisher, didn’t take the easy way out. So you can see why, even in the presence of that wondrous grey skirted outfit, this Hawaiian shirt led combo is something to talk about.

We can argue over the choices for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight accent until the Eternals come home, but one cannot question the man’s taste in clothes. One look is traditional, but trail blazing, while the other is casual yet classy. No matter which outfit you choose as your favorite, you’ve picked a winner; and isn’t it about time we all scored an easy pop culture win?

Moon Knight starts its run as the latest series to branch out the Marvel Cinematic Universe on March 30th. Should you doubt the current status of your Disney+ subscription, now’s a good time to take a look into where you stand. If you’re curious about what upcoming Marvel movies may be influenced by this storyline, you can see which films in the overall MCU are heading to theaters next. Here’s hoping Oscar Isaac gets invited to several of those premieres, if only to surprise us all with the true marvel of the moment: his impeccable wardrobe.

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