Brad Pitt Skipped The Skirt But Wore Bright Lime To The Latest Bullet Train Premiere

Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson flanked by henchmen at a train station in Bullet Train.
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The Bullet Train is steaming ahead, as critical reactions to Brad Pitt’s latest are pulling into the station, ahead of this week’s wide release. As the man himself has been rocking some smart fashions on the red carpet, Pitt wore an awesome skirt recently to promote the film in Berlin. However, at the Hollywood premiere for director David Leitch’s upcoming movie, Brad Pitt skipped the skirt and chose a bright lime green led ensemble to make his latest statement.

Funny enough, this could be a sly reference to competing Bullet Train hitmen Lemon (Bryan Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), as they’re two of the parties trying to foil Brad Pitt’s Ladybug in his quest. There are clearly no rivalries on this carpet though, as Pitt and all involved are nothing but smiles. Enough talk though, let’s get to Brad Pitt’s fit: 

Brad Pitt smiling on the red carpet of Bullet Train

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Right from the start, Pitt’s look is working like a charm. Contrasting that lime green suit is a teal polo shirt, which makes for a sharp but pleasing contrast to the rest of the outfit. Gone is the breeziness that made Pitt previously favor a skirt; but that smile says this trade off was no trouble at all. Now let’s take a step back, and see what’s going on with the rest of this ensemble. 

Brad Pitt on the red carpet on Bullet Train

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Spotting the pink carpet that everyone at the Bullet Train premiere walked only further highlights the top notch choices of Brad Pitt’s stylists. Everything pops harder when put up against that detail; especially what looks like a pair of Adidas that are colored a rather lemony yellow, with red stripes. 

Our own Eric Eisenberg noted in our official review for Bullet Train that Pitt “has a blast” in the very movie he’s now promoting. That image only shines brighter with this latest premiere look, as Brad Pitt has aced it again, no question. So how does his fresh and upbeat outfit stack up with the rest of the Bullet Train cast’s looks? Perhaps a photo of the entire cast lined up together will answer that question: 

The cast of Bullet Train on the red carpet

(Image credit: Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

If there’s a “most colorful” superlative, then Brad wins it without much contest. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as while the rest of the Bullet Train ensemble is mostly dressed in more neutral colors, they aren’t any less stylish. Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train mates certainly seemed to appreciate his vibrant ways, as you can see in this official Instagram from last night’s frivolities: 

As if to drop one last fitting cherry onto this promotional sundae, the moment Brad Pitt took his spot in the lineup marked a very special music cue. With the Bullet Train family all gathered together, ready to take their group photos, the cover of  “Stayin’ Alive” that played in the film’s fast and funny trailer kicked on to tie it all in a bow. The branding is strong, as while Pitt shied away from a lemon or tangerine colored top, he still represented the citrus family of colors in his own flashy way. 

Don’t get too used to this look though, as Brad Pitt is a bit more subdued in his costuming for Bullet Train, which pull into theaters this weekend. Though who knows what we’ll see him wear in the near future, as Pitt’s upcoming movies should give him plenty of opportunities to mix it up. 

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