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Chris Hemsworth Is The God Of Thunder, But His Son Perfectly Channeled Hawkeye With A Bow And Arrow Trick

Chris Hemsworth on Thor: Ragnarok
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Everyone loves a good superhero moment, and it looks like Chris Hemsworth’s son is blowing up his dad’s spot with his own super skills. However, he has his eye on a completely different superhero to emulate. Instead of wielding Thor’s trusted hammer Mjolnir, one of Hemsworth’s 7-year-old look-alikes is showing off some serious Hawkeye-level skill with a bow and arrow trick.

Watch out Jeremy Renner, one of Chris Hemsworth’s twins is coming for your job! Well, maybe in a decade or two. In Hemsworth’s most recent Instagram post, his son shoots an arrow at his head, knocking off a perfectly balanced water bottle in a pretty impressive shot. You can check out the video of the father-son bonding moment below, along with the Thor: Love and Thunder star’s caption, dripping with humorous pride:

Apparently, the impressive shot didn’t come without a bunch of other less impressive ones, with the Thor star probably getting rocked in the back of the head with arrow after arrow. Practice makes perfect, though, and it certainly looks like the kid is getting good enough to rival that of the Avengers' famed archer.

The irony that Chris Hemsworth is semi-synonymous with the God of Thunder at this point, having played him in the MCU over the course of 10 years now, and his son is showing talents that line up with a completely different Marvel hero has certainly not been lost on fans. The comment section of Hemsworth’s post is full of references to Jeremy Renner’s bow-wielding character.

There are a ton of comments giving props to the young archer, saying he’s the real Hawkeye or even jokingly crediting the small clip as a deleted scene from the character's miniseries. One commenter, though, goes as far to say that the Australian actor should be questioning Clint Barton (Hawkeye’s real name) about his son’s parentage. While clearly a joke, considering it’s concerning a fictional character, some fans are hilariously saying the commenter “is wrong for this one”. 

A lot of people are caught up in the comparisons, but there are a few fans that can’t get over Chris Hemsworth’s laugh at the end of the clip. Both Hemsworth and his son are clearly stoked that the shot hit its mark, but the laugh that comes out of the actor’s mouth is one truly worthy of a TikTok sound. 

There may be plenty of time for the young to practice before he could take over for as Marvel's min archer or even become his own MCU superhero. But fans won’t have to wait long at all to see a Hemsworth back on screen for Marvel. Thor: Love and Thunder has finished filming in Australia and is set to grace us with its presence, along with an overwhelmingly impressive cast, on July 8th of next year.

If you can’t wait that long, though, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is currently on Disney+, and its final episode will drop to the streaming platform in just a few days on December 22nd. And with the skills Chris Hemsworth’s son is showing off, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is tuning in to learn some pointers.