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Chris Hemsworth Shares Shirtless Photo Of Himself Lifting Weights, And Holy Arms

The superhero genre is, of course, full of buff dudes who spend a ton of time in the gym. Chris Hemsworth has taken his role of God of Thunder super seriously, as he has pretty much become the embodiment of Thor over the years. In a new workout photo, Hemsworth’s arms look like they could rip the skies wide open, if only he had his hammer instead of the tons of weight he is surely pumping.

Chris Hemsworth is pretty much known at this point for his huge muscles and has even made being fit a part of family bonding at times. In a new Instagram photo, we can see pretty much all of his massive arm and neck muscles working, and honestly, it’s pretty intimidating. You can check the post out for yourself below:

Chris Hemsworth’s social media page is seemingly a perfect representation of who he is and what he’s all about: fitness, filming, and family. Maybe not necessarily in that order, but it seems like he excels at them all. While there may be a bit more to it that you can’t see from a simple social media face, at least Hemsworth’s muscles speak for themselves.

In the past, Chris Hemsworth has shared some pretty wild workout techniques to grow his arm muscles. While he is no longer participating in techniques like blood restriction, he is clearly still going hard at the gym. In his shared photo, it certainly seems like he is having some discomfort and upping his efforts, even though I’m not sure how much bigger or stronger the star can really get!

He is receiving a ton of support and praise in the comment section of his post, and it really seems like it’s all love for Hemsworth. One commenter, after a string of comments displaying heart and strong arm emojis, says simply that he’s just doing what heroes do, clearly referring to his massive involvement in the MCU as Thor.

While I’m surprised at the lack of “Well, he’s going to be Thor after this” jokes, another commenter does make a joke in regards to Hemsworth needing to let Thor go in favor of The Hulk, stating he was born to play him. Interestingly enough, Hemsworth will be playing a different Hulk soon, as he gears up to portray Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic. 

Seeing as fitness is obviously still very important to Chris Hemsworth, playing parts that involve his huge muscles seems to be the obvious way to go for his future film career. Hulk Hogan certainly fits this image, as do a lot of other projects coming up for the actor. In addition to Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth has the sequel to his Netflix film Extraction coming up as well as Escape From Spiderhead

Even though his training sessions at this point are in preparation for other projects, you’ll be able to catch Chris Hemsworth and his massive arms most upcoming in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits theaters July 8th.