Henry Cavill Has Already Filmed His Scenes For Enola Holmes 2, And Of Course He Celebrated With A Workout

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes
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When most of us finish a big job we might decide to celebrate with a nice dinner or (if it was an especially massive task taking) a few days off. Henry Cavill recently finished a gig, as he has apparently completed shooting on the Netflix Enola Holmes sequel. But he celebrated by going for a run, because of course.

The once, and , maybe future Superman, posted a short video to Instagram where he revealed that he just wrapped his work on Enola Holmes 2, which will likely make a lot of people excited. He says he spent most of that last day considering not going for his morning run, but he did it, and he wants you to do it too. Cavill says... 

Hey everybody, today was my last day on Enola Holmes [2]. And the entire day I was thinking about not coming out and doing this run. It was a little dark and a little chilly, and I was convincing myself all day long that those are all good reasons not to run. However I came out there, I did, I loved it, and it feels really really good. So if you’re sitting at home and thinking about not training today, put those trainers on and go and do it. You won’t regret it.

On the one hand, taking a day off wouldn’t have been the worst thing. One can argue Henry Cavill earned a day off for completing his work on a movie. At the same time, anybody who works out, or has tried to, knows how easy it can fall apart if you start taking days off. Henry Cavill says don’t do it. Although, for him, staying in good shape is particularly important.

Of course, while the workout motivation from Henry Cavill might be great, for some the bigger news here is that Enola Holmes 2 filming is underway, and has moved along to the point that Cavill is already done. It’s possible he’s been on the set for some time and we just didn’t know it. It’s also possible that Cavill just didn’t have much work to do.

The movie is about Millie Bobby Brown’s title character, so we wouldn’t necessarily expect Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes to be a major player, but his supporting role was quite popular in the first movie. So it would be of little surprise if he was given a larger role in the sequel. 

Enola Holmes was well received by fans when it arrived on Netflix and a sequel was given the green light fairly quickly, once some minor legal issues with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were worked out. While the movie likely still has some shooting to do, it will probably be finishing up soon, and we can expect the movie to hit the streaming service some time next year. 

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