The 'Quite Painful' Reason Chris Hemsworth Stopped Using That Wild New Gym Trend To Get Extraction 2 Swole

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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At this point, we’re pretty used to people in Hollywood doing crazy things to their bodies in order to fit the mold for a role. While we haven’t reached the Hunger Games-level body modifications of The Capitol quite yet, there are still some scary techniques that stars use to transform their bodies. Earlier this year, Marvel alum Chris Hemsworth revealed the blood restriction technique he used to get Thor’s arms looking like “the legs of a racehorse." But apparently, he's no longer practicing the wild technique, as he prepares for filming on Extraction 2 -- and the reason for that sounds “quite painful.”

While he was not the trainer featured in the actor's original blood restriction technique workout video, one of the star's trainers, Luke Zocchi, is well aware of the method. Zocchi recently told Insider that the Avengers: Endgame star is no longer using the method due to the physical toll it takes:

He hasn't been using the blood flow training for a little while now. The only side effect that I know of is that they can be quite painful at the time of having them done.

Chris Hemsworth certainly looked like he was in a world of hurt in his training video where he employed the technique, and I’m not surprised that he decided to retire the process. People who participate in this training use bands around their biceps to cut off blood flow while they lift weights and work on their arm muscles. The combination of restricted blood flow and weight lifting results in an increase in lactic acid production, which stretches the muscle and makes it appear bigger.

Insider also notes that there could be other risks associated with the training regiment. Personal trainer Harry Smith previously spoke to the online news outlet about the technique and had this to say about it:

This 'pumps' up the muscle, really stretching it — this sensation is incredibly painful and may stimulate muscular hypertrophy because of this swelling effect.

It certainly doesn't sound like the practice is a very natural one, or one that is without its downsides. Even though Chris Hemsworth seems to be stepping away from the drastic blood flow training, he doesn't appear to be easing up on his training load. The star seems to be giving it his all for Extraction 2, and he is looking as swole as ever. So it doesn’t appear that he's missing much after moving on from the blood restricting bands.

The highly anticipated sequel is expected to start filming later this month, and it is due to drop on sometime next year. You can also catch Chris Hemsworth and his massive arms in Thor: Love and Thunder next summer, as it releases to theaters on July 8th. And ahead of that, you can check him out in Escape From Spiderhead, which is dropping on the streamer this December. 

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