Daniel Craig Recalls Partying Hard To Celebrate Landing James Bond, But Also Not Being Able To Tell Anyone Why

James Bond in No Time to Die
(Image credit: MGM)

No Time to Die has concluded the Daniel Craig-led run of Bond movies with an epic and emotional finish, cementing him as one of the best Bonds ever. It's still hard to believe Craig almost passed on the role 15 years ago but, thankfully, he changed his mind and delivered some of the best movies in the franchise’s long history. Getting such a role is a major accomplishment, and the actor recalled partying very hard after he landed the role. But of course, he also couldn't tell anyone why he was celebrating.

After a rigorous auditioning period, during which the star beat out several other actors for the chance of a lifetime, the newly christened Bond had to celebrate in some way, right? While speaking to BBC Radio 1, Daniel Craig told the story about getting the call confirming that he landed the role and how he proceeded he proceeded to live it up, saying:

I was in Whole Foods getting some weekly shopping like one does. The phone went and Barbara picked it up and said, ‘Over to you kiddo. That’s it, it’s happening.’ Put the phone down. I did this thing with the trolley, pushed it into the corner with all my shopping. Went into the off license section of Whole Foods and bought a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of vermouth, a cocktail shaker and a cocktail glass. Put it on the table and went home and starting mixing these. It was kind of sad because I couldn’t tell anybody. It was still secret.

I'm sure that if I got a call from Barbara Broccoli saying I'd been tapped as the new 007, I'd probably react the same way. Getting the role of a lifetime requires some celebration, and it seems Craig wasted no time getting it started. Of course, he had to be careful, given the fact that the news was still a secret. The star went on to say:

By the time I’d had about three, I had to go out and have a drink now, because I’d started this. I went to a bar where I had three more. I must of had a smile on my face because the barman said to me, ‘What are you so happy about?’ I said, ‘I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you. Something great’s happened’ He said, ‘Great, this one’s on me.

Considering that he'd had a number of drinks, it's impressive that he managed to keep the secret to himself. Though the actor is experienced when it comes to his alcohol. Even today, Daniel Craig’s celebration method hasn’t changed, as he, of course, had one of his favorite drinks when he wrapped filming his final outing in the spy franchise. Like his iconic character, he loves a good cocktail, which is just another reason why he was so perfect for the role. 

There will be a rigorous auditioning process for the next Bond and, whether it's Tom Hardy, Idris Elba or Henry Cavill who lands the role, they will undoubtedly have a lot to live up to. Matching this most recent James Bond and his celebrations is a tall order for anyone. Almost as important as who the next 007 will be is who will direct the new Bond, and hopefully, it’s someone on the level of Dune’s Denis Villeneuve, who is excited by the possibility of joining the franchise.

Daniel Craig will miss playing the part but is happy to move on from the iconic role that he truly made his own over the past 15 years. No Time to Die’s ending is one of the most emotional ends to a Bond movie ever and closes out the character's arc in a truly special way. Hopefully, the next actor will retain some of what Craig was able to bring to the role that no one else could.

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