How James Bond’s Daniel Craig Celebrated As Soon As He Wrapped Filming On No Time To Die

Daniel Craig initially didn’t want to play James Bond. But after a screenplay that changed his mind, and a competitive audition cycle, the sixth and current actor to hold the role in the official franchise won the honors with flying colors. So when it came time to take his first steps towards Casino Royale history, Craig took it upon himself to celebrate with several absolutely fitting victory martinis. Which kind of makes you wonder, how did Daniel Craig celebrate wrapping No Time To Die, the film that marked his historic departure from the 007 series?

We all know that part of that celebration included the touching speech Mr. Craig gave to his on-set family and friends after filming his final scene. Though with all the tears that Daniel Craig and others like James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli had shed that night, one might not exactly call that part a “celebration.” Speaking with Daniel Craig and Lashana Lynch as part of No Time To Die’s big media day, I had to ask what celebrating his official departure had entailed. With his quick, Craig-style wit, he gave a short and sweet response:

Negronis. … [laughing] I’m so dedicated when it comes to alcohol.

Admittedly, the laugh line about being “dedicated” to his alcohol came from something I’d noticed in his response. Whether it was a coincidence or the Negroni just happens to be Daniel Craig’s drink of choice, the cocktail he closed out his time on No Time To Die with is another drink featured in the original Ian Fleming texts.

While on a mission in Venice during the short story “Risico,” 007 orders a Negroni when meeting with a contact. So celebrating two massive milestones with cocktails featured in the literary world of James Bond feels like it’s a perfect reflection on the Daniel Craig era’s place in history. Though if one were to say that to Craig himself, he’d probably smile, order another round, and think nothing of it.

However, Daniel Craig’s actual dedication to the role of James Bond, and his role as a producer on both Spectre and No Time To Die, is something that cannot be as easily dismissed. Throughout my various interviews with the cast and producers, everyone showered Daniel with praise on what he brought to the series during his five film arc. The result is a legacy that’ll stand the test of time, and may eventually see Daniel Craig become more comfortable with the warm thoughts that are thrown his way.

In a career-defining turn that at times felt like “a slog,” No Time To Die sees Mr. Craig getting the big James Bond victory lap he and Barbara Broccoli had intended to land. Changing the character that debuted 59 years ago today with Dr. No, Daniel Craig’s interpretation will be a subject of discussion for quite some time. Which is exactly the sort of excitement long lasting franchises such as this thrive on, leaving the next 007 with a need to find a new and exciting way to leave their own mark on espionage cinema. 

The epic conclusion to Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond has either already arrived or will be in your area shortly, as No Time To Die has already opened in international territories! Next on the list is this week’s US release, which starts as early as Wednesday night’s advanced IMAX screenings. No matter where you are in the world, be sure to stop off at a bar or restaurant where you trust the cocktail service, and raise a Negroni in Mr. Craig’s honor. 

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