Billie Eilish Talks Meeting Daniel Craig For Bond And Falling For Those Ocean Eyes: ‘He’s A DILF’

It is without a doubt a natural fact that Daniel Craig has absolutely mesmerizing eyes. Wrapping his time as 007 after No Time To Die’s triumphant finale, the man has made his mark on the history of James Bond movies with acting prowess and ridiculously good looks. This reality only gets even harder to deny after Billie Eilish herself admitted that after seeing Craig’s ocean eyes in person, he’s totally worthy of DILF status. 

During her recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the No Time To Die singer recalled meeting with Craig to work on the theme song for the 25th Bond movie. Striking a chord with even Seth Meyers himself, the pair then went on to discuss those very piercing blue eyes of his. Saying what everyone in the room was thinking, Billie Eilish proceeded to fan out with Meyers in the following exchange: 

Billie Eilish: Yeah [I was nervous meeting] James Bond! He’s a DILF.

Seth Meyers: He is a DILF, thank you for saying it. I found when I say it it’s weird, but I want you to know I am in full agreement with you.

Billie: Those eyes?

Seth: Those eyes are crazy. Let me just say something. You have beautiful blue eyes. I have beautiful blue eyes. But we can’t even be in the same room with that man’s eyes. These look like pink eye compared to him.

Billie: You would literally, you would not believe them. They look crazy. When I met him I was like ‘Whoa. It feels like they are here [points outside her face] on him.’

Seth: Exactly. If you weren’t psyched about him, you’d say, ‘Your eyes are in my personal space.’

With Billie Eilish describing the projecting ability of Daniel Craig’s ocular beauty, it confirms those extremely affecting eyes definitely come across in the medium of film. Through his five entry arc as Commander Bond, that feature has definitely gotten some prime screen time, along with the rest of Craig’s natural beauty. If you saw No Time To Die in 3D, part of that exemplary experience included a nice lingering shot of 007 delivering an impassioned speech, with those eyes on full blast. So it’s nice to know that even a 3D conversion can take that into account. 

Billie Eilish herself is an alluring part of the James Bond legacy, as the lush title song she co-wrote with collaborator/brother Finneas is one of the many nominees for 2022’s Academy Awards. Capping off a several year journey, which Eilish also brought up during this interview, it’s hard to believe that there was a point where Daniel Craig initially didn’t approve of No Time To Die’s massive theme. Just as Craig’s eyes made a statement to Eilish, her music eventually had a similar effect on the actor himself. 

Of course, if you’re a James Bond fan who’s seen the final piece of the Daniel Craig puzzle, you know that the good Commander is literally a DILF. That particular twist only makes the discussion above all the more appropriate, as one of  the last shots we see of Craig’s 007 is him looking up to the sky, piercing blue eyes and all. Oh no; did Billie Eilish just make the ending to No Time To Die even sadder?!

That is a question you the reader can decide for yourself, as No Time To Die is currently available for rental or purchase, in both digital and physical formats. There’s plenty more coming in the world of movies, and our list of 2022 movie releases will surely help keep you informed. Though if you want to see Daniel Craig’s DILF-ness in person, he’ll be starring opposite Ruth Negga in Macbeth on Broadway, which starts previews on March 29th. 

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