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Daniel Craig’s Knives Out 2 Update Should Make Fans Very Happy

Daniel Craig holding hand out as Benoit Blanc in Knives Out
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Besides playing the iconic leading role in the latest era of James Bond movies, Daniel Craig is also the face of another fan favorite franchise. As Benoit Blanc in co-writer/director Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, the British actor delivered a comedy performance for the ages, which helped the film become a surprise smash hit. Two sequels are on the way, and Mr. Craig is about to make fans very happy. As his update on Knives Out 2 is pretty promising. 

No, we still don’t know when exactly this sequel will be coming out; and nor do we know the specific title that will replace the commonly used placeholder. That being said, Daniel Craig did drop a couple of details that narrow down where exactly Mr. Johnson’s process on the next installment currently is. In a nutshell, here’s what Mr. Craig shared during his recent talk with Javier Bardem, on behalf of Variety:

We did the second one this summer, in Greece, and then we filmed studio work in Serbia. It’s in the can. Rian [Johnson] is editing now, and it’ll be out, I think, in the fall of this year.

Daniel Craig’s remarks only further reinforce the previous update we’d received earlier this week. As that round of news specified that Knives Out 2 would be heading to a limited theatrical release and streaming debut at some point in the fourth quarter of 2022, the stage was set for the eventual reveal that we’re still waiting for. Whether that milestone is meant to pertain to the actual calendar year or Netflix’s fiscal year is still up in the air. In either case, one could guess that an October/November release date would be the most likely window, especially with a film festival run potentially in the works. 

Who can blame fans of Knives Out for being so excited to see Daniel Craig return once again as Benoit Blanc? Newcomers will surely be welcomed to the party, as this next case has attracted one hell of a cast to play a new round of whodunnit shenanigans. Of course, that also means there’s loads of time to renew your Netflix subscription, should it have lapsed in the meantime. That’s going to be important, unless through some sort of savvy business miracle Netflix uses the film as the key to breaking into wider theatrical release.

Just as Benoit Blanc is always left with a scattering of donut holes to assemble into the solution of his latest mystery, Knives Out 2’s trail of baked goods continues to align in front of our eyes. Fans are going to have to be patient to put the pieces together, or wait for the answers to be delivered in a box of 12, but the reward will be absolutely outstanding. At least, that seems to be the case if we’re going by Daniel Craig’s enthusiasm; and that’s usually a good sign.

The ever mysterious Knives Out 2 is one of the many undated entries on the 2022 Netflix Movie schedule. But that shouldn't stop you from seeking out the other new original titles slated to hit the service throughout the year. And if you thought waiting for Knives Out 2 news was brutal, just wait until everyone's thoughts turn to an even greater mystery: Knives Out 3!

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