Dionne Warwick Just Had An A+ Response To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Alleged 25-Year-Old Dating Rule

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the news a lot recently, not because of any movie DiCaprio has upcoming, but because his dating life has once again captured people’s attention. DiCaprio, age 47, has a tendency to date significantly younger women, and his recent break-up has brought the actor’s rumored dating rule of not dating women over 25 back to the forefront. One woman, who is well past DiCaprio’s alleged cutoff, thinks he should reconsider.

Dionne Warwick has been one of Twitter’s more entertaining accounts for quite some time. The singer always has some words of wisdom or a cutting remark to drop on social media. Warwick recently posted that she had only just heard about Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating situation, and she took to Twitter to say she thinks the Titanic star should remove his rule. He might be surprised by what he finds.

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And who wouldn’t love to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Dionne Warwick paint the town red together? They probably would have an absolutely amazing time that would make it into all the tabloids. Of course, those tabloids would probably be wondering why the 47-year-old long delayed Oscar winner DiCaprio was out on the town with an 81-year-old singer, but if they were having fun, who cares? 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “rule,” if there truly is one, of not dating women over 25 has become a major gossip talking point once again after the actor recently ended his relationship with Camila Morrone, coincidentally, shortly after the actress turned 25-years-old. There may not be any actual rule, but it’s understandable why people are joking about such a thing. DiCaprio has dated a string of young and beautiful women over the years, but the breakup always happens, and then the actor finds another young beautiful woman.

And it does appear that DiCaprio has done that yet again. Although, if there is such a rule, it seems Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to make an exception to it. Gigi Hadid, the model that DiCaprio has been seen spending time with since his breakup, is 27-years-old, making her older than 25, and older than his previous relationship. She’s also a mother, as she has a two-year-old daughter with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. This also makes her unusual among DiCaprio’s previous significant others. 

While it may be fun to poke a little fun at Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life, we certainly hope everybody involved is happy, and as long as they are, then there’s really nothing to worry about. And the good news is that men who will date women over 25 don’t have to worry about competing with Leonardo DiCaprio, and that certainly helps everybody’s chances.  

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