Driver In Arnold Schwarzenegger Crash Has Spoken Out

Meeting a favorite celebrity is probably a bucket list item for a lot of people. Being able to see your favorite movie star in person is almost sure to be a special experience. Unless, of course, you meet your favorite star because the two of you were involved in a traffic accident together. Such was the situation for Habiba Muminova, who admits she’s a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but would probably have been fine not seeing him after the traffic accident they were involved in, which has left her in significant pain.

The accident occurred over the weekend when Arnold Schwarzenegger's SUV made contact with a Toyota Prius. The impact lifted the SUV partially off the ground according to pictures of the scene. Habiba Muminova’s car was actually in the lane next to the SUV and Prius, but the accident still impacted her vehicle, resulting in one of Schwarzenegger’s rear tires up against her driver’s side window. The woman says the jolt was so strong she thought she had broken her spine.

Muminova has a job driving people to doctor’s appointments but her vehicle is damaged enough that she is essentially unable to do her job. Muminova will need to transport herself to the doctor as she says she's experiencing significant back pain following the accident so she has plans to see a doctor and has also reached out for legal advice.

The whole thing likely feels pretty surreal, as Muminova says she thought she was hallucinating when, following the accident, she saw Arnold Schwarzenegger get out of the SUV. The woman says she’s a pretty big fan of the actor, and Arnold clearly loves his fans, but one assumes this is not how they would have wanted to meet each other.

Sources are telling TMZ that the actor is at fault in the accident but no official determination has been made. The unofficial word is that Arnold Schwarzenegger made a left turn against a red light, leading to the collision with the other car. If he is found at fault this will likely be an expensive situation for the actor, who has already had a memorable few weeks, as his divorce was only recently finalized

The woman in the Prius was also apparently injured, and was taken to the hospital for treatment. It sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger himself made it out of the accident with no injuries, or perhaps only minor ones. It’s unclear what the long term prognosis is for the other people involved in the accident. 

Car accidents happen everyday and simple probability means that every once in a while a famous person is going to be involved in one. It’s happened to Kevin Hart. It’s happened to Tracy Morgan. A car accident was fatal for Paul Walker. Hopefully everybody got through this one without long term injuries, and whatever happened, insurance companies will take care of the rest. And if nothing else, now one person has a story to tell about the time they met The Terminator that nobody else is going to be able to beat.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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