Paul Walker Crash: Other Victim's Widow Is Suing Porsche

In the months since Paul Walker tragically died, his death and the fallout from it has been analyzed from a ton of different angles, but mostly lost in the confusion has been the other man who died in the accident, his longtime friend Roger Rodas. Well, thanks to a decision by his wife, that’s now all about to change. Kristine Rodas announced last night that she’s decided to sue Porsche for allegedly producing a negligent death trap.

In court documents filed in California, Rodas argues the Porsche Carrera is very much like a race car, and therefore, the company should have included many of the same types of safety precautions that are found in racers including but not limited to a crash cage and a racing fuel cell. She’s apparently convinced that if the Porsche her husband was driving came equipped with these things, it never would have exploded upon impact and he would still be alive. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not, but the success or failure of the lawsuit will likely come down to the speed issue.

A full investigation by the local police determined Rodas was driving between 80 and 93 miles per hour when he lost control and ran into a light pole, but Mrs. Rodas has either paid for her own investigation or just flat-out doesn’t believe the cops because according to TMZ, she’s claiming he actually was only driving 55 miles per hour and lost control because of a faulty part in the suspension system. At this point, she doesn’t actually have to present evidence for any of these claims, but down the road, she and her high profile attorney Mark Geragos certainly will.

Right now, there’s not enough contradictory evidence in place for the majority of people to disbelieve the police and the crash investigators. They did their jobs and came to the conclusion that an accelerated speed was the biggest reason for the crash. As such, this mystery evidence Kristine Rodas has is going to need to be very solid and very convincing. If she does have it and Porsches are breaking and exploding into flames, however, that’s something the world’s rich need to know as soon as possible.

We’ll keep you updated on this and everything else related to Paul Walker’s death moving forward.

Mack Rawden
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