Dwayne Johnson Shares Sweet Post About Friendship With Kevin Hart After Video Of Past Trolling Is Shared

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
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It’s not everyday that an action comedy becomes breeding grounds for an iconic celebrity friendship, but that most certainly happened when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart worked together on 2016’s Central Intelligence. What has since overshadowed the project itself is the electric chemistry between the actors, who have since reteamed for the Jumanji movies and the upcoming animated film, DC League of Super-Pets. After a video of their past trolling was shared, the Rock recently reflected on their epic friendship, and it’s very sweet! 

At this point, the duo have a long history of ripping on each other over social media and even during interviews. When SportsCenter compiled a video of some of their best moments, The Rock shared it, saying it had him “cracking up”: 

In the Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson shared the video and admitted that when they “get on a roll it’s game over.” Johnson said that he and Kevin Hart are “just two dudes who work hard and love giving each other shit.” And if that doesn’t perfectly describe their relationship, I don’t know what does. 

The video compilation includes a number of instances where they have made fun of each other, and it’s definitely gone both ways over the years. The comedian famously took to Instagram before to parody the Hobbs & Shaw star's social media videos in the gym, whereas The Rock immortalized his co-star being super afraid of being on a camel. And chances are these two are going to continue to troll each other for a long time. 

Although the pair enjoy ripping on each other, it’s clearly out of a place of love. The former wrestler shared on the post that he’s “always rooting” for Kevin Hart and calling him a brother for life. A day prior, Kevin Hart shared the same funny video calling it “fucking hilarious” and said its “always a good time with the big fella” along with also calling him his “brother for life.” 

I very much can imagine a future where this bromance echoes that of Steve Martin and Martin Short and we see them in their elder years joking with each other and signing up for more projects. You can just tell these two truly get along, and a lot of their bits together are effortlessly funny.

Of course, their biggest collaboration is on the Jumanji films, which have been massive box office draws. The producers behind the franchise already have “big plans” for another sequel when the time comes. Also, the franchise is already getting its own theme park ride in Italy. 

We expect the hijinks to continue as DC League of Super-Pets gears up for release on May 20. The animated comedy among this year’s upcoming movie releases will have Johnson voicing Krypto the Superdog and Kevin Hart as Ace the Bat-Hound. Catch these two during their next burns! 

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