A History Of Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Ripping On One Another

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
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There are just some celebrity friendships that you can always get behind, ones that make you smile from ear to ear. But, my personal favorite famous friends for many years have been Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. 

Whether it’s Kevin Hart trying to join in on the billionaires club with Dwayne Johnson, or making fun of his action movies, or simply making awesome films together - one of which is the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets - these two always find ways to share their friendship...as well as rip on each other. 

Through press tours, social media posts, and pure hysterical shenanigans, here is a brief history of some of the funniest moments of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart ripping on each other. 

They Constantly Make Fun Of Their Height Difference - In Many Different Ways

If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart, I’m sure you know that he often makes fun of his height. Even if Johnson and Hart are buddies, that doesn’t stop Johnson from poking fun at Hart quite often. And, with Johnson being as huge as he is (he was a WWE wrestler, after all), it leads to quite hysterical moments. 

While there are plenty of instances where they have made fun of their height difference, these types of photos on Instagram are always my favorite. After Johnson welcomed one of his daughters into the world, it wasn’t long before Photoshopped pictures started coming in, including one where someone put Hart's face on Johnson’s baby. 

Hart saw this picture and captioned it, “The internet will forever be undefeated. This is funny as hell,” followed by laughing faces. 

In response, he ended up posting his own Photoshopped picture on Instagram, this time with Johnson’s head on a picture of his baby, with a long caption about Johnson being a child - all in good love. 

When Dwayne Refers To Kevin As “His Son”

Dwayne Johnson is a girl dad completely. With three daughters, two of whom are very young, he often has his hands full, usually getting pranked adorably by them. It only makes sense that he would call Kevin Hart his son. 

While this isn’t the first time that Johnson called Hart this, the Instagram post is always one of the funniest to me. Hart was just stopping by to see Johnson on the set of Hobbs & Shaw, and Johnson goes and rips him up, saying, “Great having my son, I mean one of my best friends @kevinhart4real stop by my set of Hobbs & Shaw.”

When Dwayne Called Kevin A “Piece Of Gremlin Shit”

I mean, it speaks for itself. I almost feel myself laughing just reading that header. 

Another cute baby video on Instagram that has been hijacked by the Photoshoppers, where they put Hart's moving face on the face of Johnson’s baby. Once you see it, you’ll never unsee it. And, Johnson simply captioned the photo, “I ❤️ this little dried up piece of gremlin shit.” You can’t make this stuff up, man. 

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart during an interview on YouTube.

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When Kevin Made Fun Of Dwayne’s Wrapping Job - And His Wrestling Career - During The Jumanji Press Tour 

The Jumanji sequel series ended up becoming a huge hit for both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, so much so that Jumanji 4 might be on the way. But, prior to the first film becoming a success, the cast had to go on a press tour, and one of their stops was doing a video where the two actors wrap each other up during Christmastime for a LADbible TV interview on YouTube.

While the three minute and twenty second long video has plenty of hilarious moments, the best is watching Kevin Hart rip on Johnson's wrapping job, as well as his WWE career, saying, “Imma tell you what I’m gonna do to you!” It’s a pure video just full of serotonin. 

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on Playground Insults.

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When They Spent A Whole Four Minutes Just Insulting Each Other On Playground Insults

BBC Radio 1 often has some of the funniest insults ever whenever they host people on Playground Insults. There have been some truly brutal ones, from Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin to Margot Robbie and Will Smith, but Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are my absolute favorite - specifically because they just keep laughing the whole time. 

The insults aren’t even that bad, but it’s the fact that they’re constantly laughing at each other that makes it even better. One of my favorite little insults is when Johnson starts to list several movies, such as Home Alone and Beverly Hills Cop, as if Hart was in those.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on The Ellen Show.

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When Dwayne Brought A Picture Of Kevin When He Was “Sixteen”

You thought the height jokes were done? Nah, we have to include this. In an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were talking about when they were teenagers, with Hart saying that Johnson looked like “a detective that’s a D.J.” at that point in his life. 

Johnson responded by saying that he brought his own picture of Hart when he was in his teen years - followed by a picture showing up on the screen that was certainly not of Hart in his teen years, again referencing his small height. Johnson continues to poke fun, saying “I wish I was this tall, but I’ll never get this tall.” It’s all in good fun, considering Hart starts to laugh not that long after. 

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart taking a friendship test on Unilad.

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And When They Took A Friendship Test - And Ripped On Each Other For Six Minutes Straight

I had to save one of the best videos for last. In a video with UNILAD on YouTube, the two actors took a friendship test, to see how well they actually know each other. This, in turn, led to them making fun of each other for six minutes straight, commenting on their Twitter bios, their work, as well as their past dream professions. 

My favorite personal line is when Johnson reveals that he once wanted to join the CIA, and Hart responds, “Well thank God that didn’t happen. We’d be in trouble.” Just imagine - The Rock working as a CIA agent. Now that would be some alternate timeline. 

With their latest movie coming out as part of the 2022 movie releases, I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we see these two get together again and provide some more hilarious moments that will make you snort in laughter.  

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