Kevin Hart Shares Video Of Times He Trolled The Rock And It’s Deserving Of A Crying-Laughing Emoji

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
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There are some great comedy duos throughout the history of film. Laurel and Hardy, Martin and Lewis, Hope and Crosby. In the modern era, however, there may be no better comedy team up than Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The two are great on screen together but that’s only half of their comedy power, as the two have as much fun, if not more, off screen as they do on. Kevin Hart recently shared a video of the times that the two have had fun with each other, mostly the times Hart has dunked on The Rock.

These clips posted to Instagram are hilarious and even if you’ve seen every single one of them before, putting them all together is sure to make you laugh yet again. You have some great moments where Kevin Hart is just giving Dwayne Johnson a hard time, but the best are when Kevin Hart takes a social media video that The Rock made and recreates it with his own special style. Check it out.

Kevin Hart and The Rock have made a pair of Jumanji movies together as well as the buddy comedy Central Intelligence. Hart also appeared in a small role in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. It’s clear these two really have fun together. And while the jokes between them usually boil down to Dwayne Johnson poking fun at Hart for being small and the comedian poking fun at The Rock for being massive, it’s a joke that, so far, hasn’t become all that old. 

Kevin Hart calls Dwayne Johnson his “brother for life” in the post and Johnson clearly feels the same way. The original video actually came from the Instagram for ESPN’s SportsCenter, and Dwayne Johnson posted a comment on the video saying simply…

That’s my guy!! That’s pure love

The two will be back on screen together, in a sense, as they both voice characters in the upcoming League of Superpets movie. Beyond that, the future is unclear. While a fourth Jumanji film seems likely and a second Hobbs & Shaw, that could see Hart’s character return, are certainly possible if not fully likely, nothing has been confirmed. Seeing another one off comedy, like Central Intelligence is also possible, but at the moment The Rock doesn’t have anything like that on his list of upcoming movies.  

Still, these two will almost certainly continue to make movies together if for no other reason than they want to do it. They’re both big stars and when you get to that level you have some ability to just make things happen. But even if it takes a while to see them together on screen we can be sure they will continue having fun on social media.

Dirk Libbey
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