Good Burger 2? Kenan Thompson Offers Great Update On Reteaming With Kel Mitchell For Comedy Sequel

Kenan Thompson in Good Burger.
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It’s been a quarter of a century since Kel Mitchell’s Ed welcomed us to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, and if he were in fact to take our order, there’s a pretty big contingent of fans who are still hoping to sink their teeth into a sequel to the 1997 delicious food movie. It turns out that all hope is not lost, as Kenan Thompson offered an update on the possibility of the former All That comedy duo donning their blue striped shirts again.

While “We’re All Dudes” singer Kel Mitchell played it coy when speaking to CinemaBlend about whether or not Good Burger 2 could still happen, Kenan Thompson said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that there is effort being put into such a project. When the talk show host asked if the Saturday Night Live cast member could confirm that a sequel is happening, Thompson said:

I would like it to! … We are working harder on it than ever. So, it's about meeting the numbers, letting them numbers match up, 'cause I need them numbers.

It sounds like the Kenan & Kel stars are actually trying to make a sequel a reality, and saying that they’re working “harder than ever” sounds really promising, if it’s even still an option 25 years later. The host of the 2022 Emmy Awards was pretty vague on details, only making jokey references to “the numbers,” but I still think fans can count this as a win. Kenan Thompson continued joking around when Jimmy Fallon asked him if he had any plot ideas, noting that:

I feel like Kel should have, like, a million kids. Ed’s character should have like, a million kids. And then I’m coming out of jail for something that he put me in jail for.

That is actually a plotline I can totally see happening. The subject of a sequel came up on The Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon pointed out that Good Burger celebrated its 25th anniversary this July. When the actors marked the occasion on Instagram, they included in the caption the simple and unassuming question, “‘Sup wit that Part 2?!” leading to much excitement from the host about the prospect. Check out the anniversary post for yourself:

Judging from the reactions to the post, it’s clear that Good Burger still resonates with the fans. Not only have both of the actors now expressed the desire to “give the people what they want,” as Kel Mitchell said in the comments, but the post drew excited responses from several big names. Fellow All That and Good Burger actor Josh Server definitely seemed ready to reclaim his place at the drive-thru window, commenting:

25 yrs?!? 😭❤️ Part 2 let’s goooo!!! 🍔🙌🔥

Carmen Electra dropped in her own winning comment, with a subtle, “#RoxanneForTheWin 😂🙌,” and the post also elicited reactions from actor Seth Green and NFL star J.J. Watt, with Modern Family veteran Rico Rodriguez asking where he can fill out a job application.

Kel Mitchell previously revealed to CinemaBlend that he and Kenan Thompson had a three-picture deal with Paramount, which resulted in the 2000 TV movie Two Heads Are Better Than None. However, a third movie was never made, the actor said. We’ll definitely remain hopeful that this project finally comes to fruition, even if it is over two decades later. In the meantime, check out thoughts we had rewatching Good Burger after 25 years, as well as our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to see what’s coming up soon.

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