Hugh Jackman Injured His Nose During The Music Man Rehearsals, And I’m Ready For Ryan Reynolds’ Snarky Response

Sometimes being a big star isn’t quite as cool as you might think. Sometimes when Tom Cruise does his own stunts he breaks bones, and sometimes when Hugh Jackman is rehearsing for a big Broadway musical, he takes a hat to the face and cuts himself. No, really, this is a thing that happened. And somehow Ryan Reynolds hasn’t started laughing at him for it yet. 

Hugh Jackman posted a video to Instagram and Twitter today which includes him tossing around a boater hat, something he will presumably be wearing when he appears on stage as Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man in just a few months. As it turns out, such practicing can be dangerous as Jackman apparently cut the bridge of his nose with the hat. 

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Hugh Jackman makes a comment about a biopsy during the video. The actor has been treated for skin cancer in the past, and with that knowledge there’s actual reason to be concerned when one sees that the actor has a cut to his nose, as it could be part of a test. The good news however, is that he just hit himself in the face with a hat. 

And knowing that Hugh Jackman is not dealing with a potential health crisis, and simply did something silly, it would be the perfect time for Ryan Reynolds to show up and say something snarky, poking fun at the actor. As of the time of this writing, he hasn’t said anything yet, but it’s only a matter of time, right?

It’s perhaps understandable that a Broadway performer might strain their vocal cords while singing, or perhaps pull a muscle learning a dance. Injuries while rehearsing are not uncommon, but I think cutting yourself with the edge of a hat is not the sort of injury anybody is prepared for. 

Fans looking forward to seeing Hugh Jackman on Broadway will be hoping that this is the worst injury he sustains in the lead up to the show. The show was delayed along with the rest of Broadway, due to the global pandemic, and considering that other shows that were doing well were completely closed, it was possible the revival of The Music Man might end before it ever got started.

While the show saw two major delays, it was not canceled, and now Hugh Jackman won't be focused on making movies for a while, as he'll be spending most nights on the stage.

Hopefully, Hugh Jackman will get lots more practice with that hat and he’ll be able to keep it under control on stage. A lot of people probably spent some serious money to get seats up close to the stage. They wanted to get close to Hugh Jackman. They probably weren’t expecting to need to be aware of their physical safety. 

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