Ryan Reynolds’ Latest Dig At Hugh Jackman Is Savage

Deadpool in a Hugh Jackman mask

The ongoing feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is, quite honestly, one of the most wonderful things in the world. While the pair continue to give each other a hard time, there has never been any real animosity in the verbal sparring. It's clear that Reynolds and Jackman are really good friends who have a lot of fun playing this game. Having said that, the latest shot from Reynolds to Jackman is pretty harsh.

It comes in the form of a new ad for Laughing Man Coffee, the coffee company founded by Hugh Jackman. The new commercial stars Jackman, and is narrated by Ryan Reynolds himself, and while the ad itself is really just another entry in the ongoing hilarious feud between the two, Reynolds adds his own comment to the commercial on Twitter, and goes after Hugh Jackman's hair. Check it out.

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Sure, it's still just a joke, but as jokes go, implying that Hugh Jackman's hair isn't real is extra savage. I mean, let's be honest, that hair is amazing and at 51-years-old Jackman is lucky to have it look that good. Of course, if I looked that good in a wig, yeah, I would wear it to bed too.

Of course, Hugh Jackman has previously said that Ryan Reynolds' mother is worthy of sainthood for the act of raising Reynolds, and he's inserted his Laughing Man Coffee into ads for Ryan Reynolds' films, so really, if Jackman can dish it out, one assumes he can take it.

The Laughing Man Coffee ad itself is also pretty great. It puts forth the idea that Hugh Jackman, pretty universally acknowledged as one of the nicest guys in the world, is actually a pretty terrible person, at least until he gets his coffee. Of course, honestly, isn't that all of us? Although, I do envy Jackman's audio set up here.

While the feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has claimed more than once that a truce has been agreed to, the battle has never truly ended and one hopes it never really will. These two have never ceased to find humor in ribbing each other and as long as they continue to enjoy themselves, the rest of us will likely continue to enjoy it all as well. We could all certainly use a good laugh now and then, never more so than now.

Making a note to pick up some Laughing Man Coffee. If having a cup of that in the morning will turn me into as nice a person as Hugh Jackman appears to be, it will certainly be worth it.

And at least if Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman keep harassing each other we'll continue to see them when we otherwise can't. Ryan Reynolds' new movie Free Guy is currently set to open in December while Hugh Jackman, next big appearance will be on Broadway in The Music Man which was supposed to open this fall and is now set for next spring.

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