Idris Elba Could Reportedly Star In A James Bond Film -- Just Maybe Not How Fans Want

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The race to find the next James Bond is on, and it looks like there are some serious contenders on the growing list. While Idris Elba seems to be a fan favorite suggestion for the role, he has said it is definitely not going to be him. While that may not be what fans want to hear, there may be a consolation prize. Apparently, the Luther star could reportedly appear in the next 007 film in a completely different way.

Fans, and even the actor’s own mother, have had their hearts set on the star becoming the first Black James Bond. Yet it seems more likely that he’ll play an opposing force in the next film. According to The Sun, Idris Elba is allegedly in negotiations to play the villain in the next Bond film. 

The Sun cited an unnamed source that reveals Idris Elba has had more than one talk with the people behind the storied franchise, who reportedly promising the fan-favorite actor a role in the upcoming installment. This anonymous insider also says that even though the next film is still in the early days of development, the producers seem set on casting the talented star: 

He won’t be the title character, but they do recognise the amount of pull and respect he commands, and they want to work with him on a completely original character for the next instalment.

We basically know nothing about the next James Bond film, at this point. But if this report is to be believed, it sounds like Idris Elba has a real chance to be involved in the new era of 007. And that alone would be a big one-up for the next set of films. As for who will play Bond himself, there are plenty of talented names up for the task.

Outlander’s Sam Heughan seems to be one of the frontrunners, and apparently had even tried out for the role when they were casting previously. He's one of the many who lost out to Daniel Craig but, now that he's a seasoned actor, Heughan feels more confident in his ability to play the famous spy. 

While there are plenty of British contenders who would do justice to the role, there has only been one Scottish actor in the role. Since Sean Connery was the first big-screen Bond audiences were introduced to, it may be time to bring another Scot to the role in the form of Sam Heughan.

It feels like he and Idris Elba are worlds apart, though. I can't really picture them ever going head-to-head as a super villain and super spy, but maybe the new era of the 007 franchise could bring together some unique names the fit the bill but also surprise audiences. 

But again, nothing official has been announced concerning the new James Bond movie, and we could potentially be faced with wildly different faces in the roles. Whatever happens, though, rest assured that CinemaBlend will continue to keep you in the loop.

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