Idris Elba Talks James Bond Once More, And How The Rumors Have Impacted His Mom

Idris Elba looks up at someone with a scowl in Luther

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Moms are, in short, pretty damned rad. They can help us follow our dreams, boost us up when we need it and are part of how some people survive childhood with all their fingers and toes. In the case of actor/DJ/”Black Superman” Idris Elba, his mom has been listening to the rumors of his potential James Bond casting quite a bit lately, and she’s pretty keen on the idea herself.

Speaking with the folks at Capital XTRA, Idris Elba was naturally asked about the ever-present subject of his hypothetical role as 007. While the world may be fixated on other potential Bonds, like Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page and Tom Hardy, Elba obviously still makes an impression for those who want to see a more diverse Bond. Put it all together, and you have a cute story like the one Elba told during this media appearance:

I know the rumors about Bond have always chased me. Listen, my mom, my poor mom, she’s like, ‘One day you’re going to get it! Don’t mind ‘em. Don’t mind ‘em.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, it’s alright. I’m good. I’ve got Luther.’

Those James Bond rumors have definitely chased Idris Elba to some extensive lengths, and that’s putting it mildly. For years, the Hobbs & Shaw star has seen himself brought up time and again, by fans and personalities alike, in order to evaluate his 007 chances. Even with some experts saying that Elba has aged out of the role, that hasn’t stopped fans and bookies from continuing to track his odds. But if you talked to Idris Elba himself, he’s not really focused on James Bond as a potential gig.

If anything, Idris Elba has kept himself busy, even in this pandemic world. Thanks to projects that wrapped before COVID-19 was an issue, as well as some planning on his own part, there’s no shortage of Elba action in the years to come. And Luther fans are probably benefitting from this scenario the most, as the actor laid out his current plans as follows:

But I’m definitely doing that [Luther movie]. The Suicide Squad’s coming out this year -- that’s a great look, I’m really excited about that. Shoutout to James Gunn who directed that and that whole team. Then, look, man, I’m definitely doing more music.

If you’re hoping that Idris Elba is suddenly going to rise through the ranks of James Bond hopefuls in one fell swoop, you’re probably better off hoping his variant of The Dark Tower gets a sequel. The ship, apparently, has sailed; eventually even his mom will probably come to accept that this is more of a “what could have been” situation. But the bright side is that Idris Elba will be able to focus his attention on all the opportunities he could hope for, which may not have happened if he were ever to be locked into a 007 contract.

Idris Elba action isn’t too far off though, as Concrete Cowboy is now streaming on Netflix, and The Suicide Squad will be in theaters, and on HBO Max, starting August 6. If that’s not enough Elba excitement for you, then you’re in luck, as HBO Max is the current home for both Luther and Hobbs & Shaw. So check out the six month prepaid subscription discount the platform is offering if you find yourself in that demographic.

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