If The Latest James Bond Rumor Is True, It May Explain Why Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy May Be Out

The search for the next 007 to lead the James Bond movies continues to heat up, especially with the rumor mill starting to supposedly narrow the field. With whispers hinting at the next Bond casting aiming for an actor in their early 30’s, favorites like Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, and Tom Hardy might be out of the running. Should the latest rumor surrounding the franchise be true, it could explain why this specific approach is being taken.

A couple of big changes have been made, in the hopes of ensuring 007 will be on the big screen for at least 15 more years, bringing the series to its 75th anniversary in 2037. Per reporting from The Mirror, a deal has been made between distributor MGM and Warner Bros for the international distribution rights to the James Bond franchise. Set to kick in with Bond 27, this partnership clearly needs a young Commander Bond that can hang in there for the long term.

Another reason Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy might be out is because of their own notoriety with other franchises. Bringing in a younger, less burdened actor could help ensure that producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson get the James Bond series back onto its former schedule of a new film every two years. That’s exactly what some fans have been hoping for in the post-Daniel Craig era.

Though Craig is the record holder for the longest Bond on record, the man only has five 007 adventures to his credit. The gaps between his films, particularly the record tying one between Spectre and No Time To Die, tended to make James Bond fans anxious about the franchise’s health. Should the next actor in the tuxedo actually stick it out for 15 years, with a more traditional release model, we might see the first actor to tie, or break, the record setting seven movie run of James Bond’s Roger Moore era.

There’s still some time before the future of 007 kicks into high gear, as Barbara Broccoli has set Bond 26’s production for 2024. While some were hoping for the wheels to turn a little faster, at the very least a keen long term strategy seems to be in play. James Bond will return, it’s just a question of when and how; two queries that seem to narrow down to a concrete answer with every day that passes.

For now, the 60th anniversary of James Bond continues to be celebrated through all sorts of manners. Amazon Prime subscribers can get in on that fun themselves, as all but one 007 adventure are currently streaming through that platform’s library. There's also several books that are continuing the literary tradition of the franchise, like author Kim Sherwood's Double or Nothing, which is slated for release in the UK in early September.

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