Indiana Jones 5 Director James Mangold Has Answered A Very ‘Important’ Question About Harrison Ford’s Indy

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Indiana Jones 5 is currently in production, and after suffering an injury on set, Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, is reportedly back on set and working. Logan and Ford v Ferrari director James Mangold is tasked with reviving the franchise and balancing its legacy, and will hopefully deliver a grand adventure befitting the status of the Indiana Jones films. Mangold has recently answered a very ‘important’ question about Harrison Ford’s Indy. 

There are a lot of nuances and details about an iconic character like Indiana Jones. His mannerisms and attitude are distinct, but so is his fashion. Indiana Jones has a distinctive look from his iconic fedora to his stylish jackets, and keeping it consistent after all these years is essential. James Mangold answered a critical question about Indiana Jones fashion choices on Twitter. Here is the post on Twitter:

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James Mangold responded to an Indiana Jones fan on Twitter who had a simple but very ‘important’ question for the director: whether Indy’s bag strap is over or under his leather jacket. Mangold replies with an emphatic over, so it’s clear the director has a lot of thoughts about this controversial question. Mangold has had a string of great films and has garnered Academy Awards nominations for Logan and Ford v Ferrari, so the Indiana Jones franchise is seemingly in good hands. Mangold will put his mark on where the franchise will go in the future.

Indiana Jones 5 is more than likely Harrison Ford’s last appearance as Indiana Jones. The franchise will look to find a replacement to keep the movies going and create a new sensation for a new audience. Harrison Ford’s replacement may have already been found, but anything is on the table, but there will definitely be another Indy to take his place. 

James Mangold has been very adamant that the title of the 5th Indiana Jones movie will come a lot further down in production, so fans can continue to speculate. The film will be bringing back the old villains of much of the previous Indiana Jones films, so Indy and his allies will indeed be battling against familiar foes once again. After years of setbacks and uncertainty and recently Harrison Ford’s injury, Indiana Jones 5 is back on track and will hopefully be finished without any more problems.

Harrison Ford recently exited Jamie Foxx’s legal movie, but the film found a great replacement. Harrison Ford is 79 years old and still works but is clearly slowing down and picking his projects carefully. Indiana Jones 5 has reportedly had to go to wild lengths for Ford’s stunts. Hopefully, Ford stays safe during filming, and we get to see Indiana Jones 5 soon.

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