Jackass Forever’s Johnny Knoxville Reveals The Stunts He And Co-Star Steve-O Refuse To Perform

The guys that make up the Jackass team have pretty much proven that they’re totally fine with risking life and limb during the wild stunts they perform time and time again. They’ve suffered some major injuries, Johnny Knoxville even breaking his penis and Steve-O suffering from some pretty hardcore burns. Apparently, though, there are some things the two stuntmen like to steer clear of, and Knoxville has revealed just what kind of stunts they refuse to perform. 

There is no amount of money you could pay me to get me to do some of the borderline insane things that the stars of Jackass do - that’s a fact. While they would probably do them for next to no money, or at least back in the day when they were just getting started, there seem to be some lines that even they just won’t cross. During an interview with NME, Johnny Knoxville revealed the one thing he dislikes above all else, and it may surprise you:

I’m not super fearful of it but I don’t like cold weather or cold water. I’ve done stuff in cold weather and cold water but it’s just a hassle.

The man has literally suffered brain damage from a stunt , yet it's the cold that he doesn’t want to mess with. While being chilly isn’t an awesome feeling, it’s a little wild that weather is the veteran star's line in the sand.

While for Johnny Knoxville it may just be an aversion to cold, it’s a lot more than that for his co-star, Steve-O. According to Knoxville, Steve-O has an “irrational fear” of one particular stunt and, given the death-defying feats he's attempted in the past, I'm a little surprised here as well. Here it is in Knoxville’s own words:

The guys do have irrational fears. Steve-O who will let you put a hook in his mouth, swim up the ocean and then cast him out to sea to catch a shark with his body, you can do that to him, but we tried to get him to bungee jump and he was like, ‘Fuck you dude I’m not doing it.’

Bungee jumping is pretty safe compared to a lot of the stunts Steve-O has been a part of in the past, but some fears are just all in the mind. Honestly, hearing that the cast has their boundaries is a bit comforting. I feel like if they had no line they weren’t willing to cross, they would be a pretty terrifying group of people. 

If you haven’t seen the group in their most recent film, Jackass Forever is still playing in a number of theaters. As for the past films, you can stream them all with a Paramount+ subscription, though you won’t find a bungee jumping Steve-O or many cold-related stunts from Knoxville.

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