Jackass Forever’s Steve-O Recalls His Worst Injuries From The Franchise

Steve-O laughing in the wreckage of an exploding toilet in Jackass Forever.
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The ‘90s and early 2000’s are hot right now, and to my and every millennial’s distaste, even considered vintage. So it’s no surprise that Jackass, which started as a series on MTV back in 2000, is coming back in full force. Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O are both returning to their reckless stuntman ways, despite a little feud, for Jackass Forever, and they have the injuries and hospitalizations to prove it. In light of the movie almost being here, Steve-O remembers the worst injuries he has received from the franchise. 

Steve-O has certainly received his fair share of injuries, so much so that apparently it used to be hard to determine which was the worst. That is, until he received some awful burns. In an interview with TMJ4, the wild and fearless stuntman deems having third degree burns on a large portion of his body to be the worst he’s ever gotten injured for Jackass. Here it is in his own words:

I found that question frustrating until I had a definitive answer after having third degree burns on 15 percent of my body.

While it’s no broken penis, fire is no joke and can really mess a person up. Having burns on as much as 15% of your body is pretty substantial, and burns are a long game healing process so you know he was in a lot of pain for a good amount of time with that injury. 

Apparently the burns beat out a number of bone breaking injuries for the star, because he was asked about how many bones he has broken working on the Jackass franchise, and, well, it’s a lot. Steve-O explains that he has kind of lost count of how many bones he has broken exactly, but he estimates over 20, saying:

If you count teeth, well into the 20s.

Straight up, I’d lay down my career as a stunt person once even one of my teeth took a hit, but not Steve-O. Even though he has banged up pretty much his entire body, been literally on fire, and broken many bones, he’s still down for more. In the same interview, he reveals that he still has ideas for some pretty painful segments. Here’s one idea he’s toying with:

There was an idea to have Post Malone tattoo a big penis on my forehead, and I’m still interested in that.

I’m not going to lie, that would make for some good TV and sounds exactly like something I’d watch him do on MTV back in 2000. However, you couldn’t pay me a high enough number for someone to tattoo a penis on my face, even if it is Post Malone.  It blows my mind that anyone could be actively interested in that, but that’s Steve-O for you.

Jackass Forever is set to head to theaters in just a couple short weeks on February 4th. Although Bam Margera won’t be an active participant in the film this time, it sounds like Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville will be on the receiving end of enough pain to keep an audience entertained. 

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