5 Brutal Injuries The Jackass Crew Have Sustained Over The Years

Jackass Forever is coming in 2022, and in the time ahead of what may be the final chapter from Johnny Knoxville and the crew, now is as good a moment as any to reminisce about all the Jackass injuries, and the stunts that these guys performed just to get a laugh. Quite a few of those feats resulted in some absolutely brutal wounds for the cast that had some rough recovery times. 

One may think they know which daring acts resulted in the most damage for the cast between Jackass and its movies, but, surprisingly, the dangerous-looking stunts didn’t always lead to the worst injuries, and some may even be surprised to learn just how devastating some of the seemingly harmless stunts actually ended up being.

Loomis Fall holding an umbrella

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Loomis Fall Breaks His Clavicle During A Jet Engine Stunt - Jackass 3

Loomis Fall isn’t one of the major names who got famous from Jackass, but he’s been along for the ride for a long time as a player with some memorable moments. The jet engine stunt in Jackass 3 may not be the biggest moment Fall had in the franchise. In fact, he may not be the most memorable part of it. And yet, he suffered one of the most brutal injuries during the event, thanks to the power of the jet engine and an umbrella. 

The Jackass star is seen with an umbrella, with the idea being that he’d fly away like Mary Poppins with force from the jet engine. Fall did catch hang-time, but was thrown several feet through the air before he came down hard on his chest when he hit the ground. The end result was a compound fracture of his clavicle, though watching the clip, one wouldn’t think anything is wrong with Fall. In fact, he seems fine compared to some of the others in the sketch, but perhaps he was just going off of adrenaline?

Johnny Knoxville is knocked out by Butterbean

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Johnny Knoxville Is Knocked Out By Butterbean - Jackass: The Movie

Boxing is a dangerous sport, even for someone who knows what they’re doing. A professional boxer can seriously injure an amateur fighter, or even kill them. Johnny Knoxville learned that lesson the hard way when he teamed up with Eric Esch, known as Butterbean, for a prank in the original Jackass movie. Butterbean didn’t pull a punch against Knoxville when they brawled in a department store, and beat the lights out of the star

The most brutal part of this fight is that Johnny Knoxville clearly wanted to stop, but Butterbean goaded him to get up so he could score a knockout. Butterbean was successful, and Knoxville crashed into the floor. His injuries in total included a concussion and stitches in his head. Butterbean, in return, got a small shot to the chin from Knoxville, which he only got because he encouraged the host to throw a punch back. I’m not sure if it’s the easiest fight of Butterbean’s life, but it certainly wasn’t a challenge.

Bam Margera hurting himself on bucket cars

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Bam Margera Is Hospitalized And Humiliated After A Boxcar Race - Jackass Season 2, Episode 4

Bam Margera won’t be present in Jackass Forever but that doesn’t mean his legacy in the franchise isn’t acknowledged through the past. Margera had a litany of stunts he performed throughout Jackass and the successive movies, though not all of them always made the cut. Perhaps one of the most brutal injuries he sustained, though, came from a boxcar race in the television series, which was a bumpy ride, to put it mildly. Margera took a pretty hard fall during the stunt, and was subsequently rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a broken tailbone. 

The Jackass star later told Maxim the most brutal part of the injury wasn’t the tailbone injury, but the x-ray that followed. Bam Margera explained that due to the location of the x-ray, the outline of his penis was visible in the photos. Margera said that MTV typically abstained from showing any form of nudity on Jackass, but for some reason, that was cleared for broadcast. Margera wasn’t thrilled about that decision, especially since he felt the image misrepresented his “full package,” so to speak.

Ehren gets his tooth pulled

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Ehren McGhehey Breaks His Face Getting A Tooth Pulled - Jackass 3

Pulling a loose tooth is a fairly simple process, and oftentimes, a dentist isn’t even required for it. Some folks will even tie a string to a tooth and attach the other end to a doorknob, and then slam the door to pull the tooth out. The Jackass 3 crew had the same basic idea, although they figured a Lamborghini would rip out Ehren McGhehey’s tooth out just as well. Being someone who knows very little about science, I would assume the logic makes sense that the car would pull the tooth better, but this stunt went disastrously wrong. 

Ehren McGhehey explained to Willamette Week that the team tied an exceptionally strong fishing line to his perfectly healthy but slightly crooked front tooth, and the other part to Bam Margera’s Lamborghini. What should’ve been a simple tooth pull resulted in such force that McGhehey’s face broke from his tooth all the way up to his eye. The scene itself doesn’t look that brutal, though knowing that McGhehey fractured his skull during the stunt makes his screams after the tooth is out so hard to watch.

Jackass crew in the finale of Jackass Number Two

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Ryan Dunn Gets A Life-Threatening Blood Clot - Jackass Number Two

As we’ve learned on this list, sometimes the least memorable stunts are the most painful, and at times, even life-threatening. The late Ryan Dunn was part of the cast of Jackass Number Two and had one of the most dangerous injuries of all the Jackass crew. In the final scene, Dunn and Bam Margera are pulled out of the frame by their legs via a rope attached to a horse. Dunn went to the ground with his full weight on his shoulder and messed up the muscles so much that he got a blood clot. 

The blood clot’s position in Ryan Dunn’s body was life-threatening, due to how closely it was located to his heart and brain. Treatment for the injury ultimately caused Dunn to fall into a depression, and he stayed away from the Jackass crew for a couple of years following the incident.  Dunn eventually returned for Jackass 3, which was released in 2010, but he then died in June of 2011 in an automobile accident, ending his run with the franchise and sending shockwaves amongst the cast and the fandom. 

Jackass Forever premieres Friday, February 4th, 2022. For more on the movie, be sure to read up on the latest happening with Bam Margera following his removal from the movie.

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