Jackass Forever’s Big Bull Stunt Actually Left Johnny Knoxville With Brain Damage, But Does He Regret It?

You would think the Jackass gang, or at the very least their bodies, would have been at their limit of dangerous stunts even before Jackass Forever, as they’ve racked up their fair share of gnarly injuries over the years. Over 10 years after the last installment of the Jackass franchise, Jackass Forever is one of the more recent 2022 movie releases to hit theaters. Now team leader Johnny Knoxville has addressed that big bull stunt that left him with brain damage, and opened up to whether or not he regrets taking part in this reckless stunt. 

Jackass Forever did some damage on the men of the franchise, and filming was interrupted by multiple hospital visits as a result of some of the wild and dangerous stunts, including one for a ruptured testicle. Ouch! In a stunt involving a bull for the newest Jackass film, Johnny Knoxville sustained a pretty significant head injury. He received a concussion, as well as a broken wrist and come broken ribs, that resulted in brain damage, months of recovery and antidepressants. 

After being asked about any regrets concerning the stunt and involvement in Jackass Forever in an interview with The Guardian, Johnny Knoxville had some pretty stead-fast words. Basically, he knew exactly what he was getting into and doesn’t feel as though he has room for complaints. In fact, Knoxville expressed gratitude, saying:

No. I knew going into this film that this will be the last time I’m gonna be doing big stunts. I didn’t know I was going to get as injured as I did, but I brought that on myself. I have nothing to complain about, only things to be grateful for.

While Johnny Knoxville may not have known he would be injured so heavily, the Jackass franchise has seen numerous heavy injuries. From Steve-O sustaining some nasty and painful burns to Knoxville himself literally ripping his penis, the boys have taken some heavy and lasting hits to their bodies. 

Add the fact that the OG Jackass crew that took part in Jackass Forever are approaching middle age, to the sheer brutality that comes with the Jackass territory, it’s amazing that the film even happened. In fact, Johnny Knoxville has made it clear that Jackass Forever would be his last hurrah with taking on big stunts. Honestly, that’s probably for the best, as another concussion may really take Knoxville off his feet for good.

Jackass Forever’s big bull stunt resulted in Johnny Knoxville’s 16th concussion in his life, which is insane. While he may not regret taking part in all the injury-prone stunts over the years, it’s a wonder how he is still up walking around and making coherent sentences. 

If you haven’t seen Johnny Knoxville’s latest run-in with a bull, you can watch Jackass Forever in theaters now. You may want to check out the other injury-laden franchise installments first, though, and they’re all available to stream at home on Paramount +. Have fun, and remember: don’t try this at home.

Carlie Hoke
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