James Bond Hopeful Regé-Jean Page Has A Notable Connection To Third 007 Actor Roger Moore

Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton and Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, pictured side by side
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In the continuing race to crown the next face of the  James Bond movies, former Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page has been a consistent fan favorite to become the next 007. With the most recent odds showing Henry Cavill toppling Page and his recent run of success, questions of how long The Witcher lead would keep riding high like his predecessor have started to form. It looks like the answer to that question has already arrived – which also makes this a good time to reflect on the connection Regé-Jean Page has with the third actor to play 007, the late Sir Roger Moore. After all, he might just be the new Commander Bond if this latest twist is accurate. 

Regé-Jean Page Is Back On Top Of The James Bond Betting Odds

Naturally, depending on the source you’re using for James Bond betting odds, the present status of things can vary to a  degree. With that being said, oddsmaker William Hill has reported that 9-4 odds have put Regé-Jean Page back on the top of the Bond betting heap. Unfortunately, the full spread of results was not provided in this reporting, but that’s still a pretty interesting change after Henry Cavill's recent streak. 

When we’d last taken a look at Express’s updates on the James Bond betting odds,  Cavill was reported on top with 2/1 versus Regé-Jean Page’s 7/2 . As anyone knows, a lot can change in a week, or even a day, when it comes to putting a wager on 007. Without question, one factor that may keep people guessing about the actor’s chances is the fact that Page is committed to star in a remake of The Saint... which happens to be a franchise that connects this potential Bond with another actor in the cinematic spy legacy.

Roger Moore smirks at the camera with a halo in The Saint.

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The Saint Remake Connects Regé-Jean Page To The Legacy Of The Late Sir Roger Moore

Though he was apparently considered for the role of James Bond when the role was first being cast, Sir Roger Moore didn't initially make a name for himself with Ian Fleming’s literary super spy. Rather, he shot to stardom through his casting in the classic ITV series adaptation of The Saint. Playing the smooth Simon Templar, Moore made his debut in this role on October 4, 1962 – just a day before Sean Connery’s Dr. No opened in theaters. 

Extending from this, James Bond and Simon Templar’s legacies have always seemed to run parallel to one another, to the point where it was a joke that Roger Moore’s Templar would be mistaken for Bond. As Regé-Jean Page has been talked about as a potential future 007 for some time, it's possible that this trivia-centric humor will even present itself at least once in his developing incarnation of Leslie Charteris’ agent for the little guy. 

Even if he's not selected as the next Commander Bond, Page is only 34 years old, and could still have a chance to play the character at some point in the future. It certainly worked for Roger Moore. 

As No Time To Die’s Oscar campaign draws to a close along with the victory lap for the Daniel Craig era, now could be the time for the franchise to start getting serious about the next 007. Officially, series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have stated this year should begin the hunt for the next James Bond. However, that hasn’t stopped preliminary discussions from already happening, with frequent 007 candidates like Idris Elba still in the conversation. 

Until there’s official word on the next 007’s casting, you can count on the betting odds market to continue to fluctuate. At the very least it seems that the betting crowd has agreed on a certain set of competitors being in the game, and Regé-Jean Page is still very much included. Whether or not The Saint keeps him from being able to fulfil such a destiny is another question we’ll have to keep in the back of our minds.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the world of James Bond betting odds. If you’re still in the mood to revisit No Time To Die, the film is currently available for rental and purchase in either physical or digital formats. Should you be ready to move onto other spy adventures, then you can check out the lineup of movies and TV shows primed to keep James Bond fans entertained

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