Jamie Lee Curtis Spotted A Vintage Halloween II Ad On Social Media, Dropping A Very Appropriate F-Bomb In Response

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills
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Jamie Lee Curtis is arguably the greatest scream queen of all time. If you don’t believe that's true, at least acknowledge she’s been doing it longer than anyone else. The original Halloween is often credited as the inciting beginning to the Golden Age of slasher films in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Over forty years later, Curtis is on the set of another Halloween movie still throwing herself in the fight to stop Michael Myers. But every so often, the years catch up to the actress. 

As Jamie Lee Curtis continues to film Halloween Ends ahead of its release during the spooky season, the actress got nostalgic on Instagram with a look down memory lane. She found a vintage television advertisement for Halloween II on CBS. Check it out: 

Jamie Lee Curtis found the ad via the official Halloween movies account and reposted it to her own. The actress commented in the caption that it made her feel “fucking old.” The fact that the ad is in black and white and calls back to an era of movies coming to television as big events certainly hits differently in the year 2022. 

Halloween II came out in 1981 from a script by Debra Hill and John Carpenter following the widespread success of the original 1978 movie. The movie follows Laurie Strode as she is rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and continues to be hunted by The Shape. As we come off the recent release of Halloween Kills, it’s not too far off Strode’s recent experiences. Of course, for the recent trilogy, the filmmakers are ignoring the films past the first movie. 

Halloween Ends will mark Jamie Lee Curtis’ seventh time playing Laurie Strode in a Halloween movie. The franchise has seen a bit of a fractured history, but whenever Curtis is back on screen, the series becomes its legendary self. If you revisit all of the Halloween movies in order, you’ll know what I mean. 

Having over 40 years of history playing Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis is 63 years old and still a major player in Hollywood. The actress will be in the upcoming Borderlands video game adaptation and an action comedy called Everything Everywhere All At Once, with both coming out this year alongside Halloween Ends

Recently, Jamie Lee Curtis realized she’s been playing the character for 44 years and shared with fans her “profound sense of gratitude” to them along with teasing how “fucking excited” she is for Halloween Ends. While she may feel “fucking old,” Jamie Lee Curtis certainly deserves to continue to enrich this iconic horror final girl. 

While we wait for Halloween Ends to come out on October 14, you can check out what other upcoming horror movies are on the way this year. 

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