Jamie Lee Curtis Talks Aging And Breaking ‘The Box Office’ For Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Ends' final trailer
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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has had a long and wildly successful career, starting with John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween movie. She’s killed it on the small and silver screens, and recently earned her first Oscar nomination at the age of 64 for Everything Everywhere All at Once. And Curtis recently talked about aging, and breaking the box office with the release of Halloween Ends.

While Jamie Lee Curtis has played plenty of characters throughout the years, her name is perhaps most synonymous with playing Halloween hero Laurie Strode. She’s returned to the role on and off over the years, including David Gordon Green’s recent trilogy of movies. She recently spoke to AARP about aging, and had a refreshing take about getting older in front of the public eye. She said:

I’m pro-aging! ​​I feel more alive today than I ever have, even with COVID.

They say that age is just a number, and Jamie Lee Curtis is proof of that. Between EEAAO and the Halloween movies, she’s been doing a ton of action sequences over the past few years. And her starpower seems to only grow with every passing year, resulting in her very first Academy Award nomination. 

Jamie Lee Curtis has been keeping super busy lately. On top of the previously mentioned projects she also starred in Knives Out, and went viral for her appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Add in upcoming roles in Borderlands and The Haunted Mansion, and it seems like the sky’s the limit for Curtis. In the same interview she spoke about the recent box office performance of Halloween Ends, saying:

It broke the box office, and it starred a woman over 50. I was, like, ‘Wait, what?’ I didn’t see that coming.

In a time where giant superhero blockbusters are the most powerful force in the entertainment industry, Jamie Lee Curtis found it pretty remarkable that her last three Halloween movies ended up being such huge hits. As she mentioned, there’s not all that many movies which star women over the age of 50, let alone getting to #1. But hopefully that’ll change in the future.

Indeed, Everything Everywhere All at Once stars women over the age of 50, with the starring cast all getting Oscar nominations including JLC and Michelle Yeoh. Later in the same interview with AARP, Jamie Lee Curtis further mused on the concept of aging, and how she used to send loved ones special gifts for the occasion which referenced The Beatles’ track “When I’m Sixty Four.” Curtis shared:

When I was growing up, that song seemed so outrageous to me — 64 felt very far. And of course, as it was starting to happen to friends and family close to me, I realized the beauty of it.

Part of why Jamie Lee Curtis is having such a renaissance right now is because the public adores both her talents and her personality. And her perspective on aging is something that many of could take to heart, especially in a society that’s very much obsessed with youth and plastic surgery. We saw this attitude come to life in her Oscar nominated performance, where she refused to wear corsetry or suck in her stomach

As previously mentioned, Jamie Lee Curtis has a few upcoming projects coming down the line including Borderlands and The Haunted Mansion. Be sure to check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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