Jane Seymour Opens Up About Wanting To Return To The James Bond Universe, And She Has Reasonable Expectations

Jane Seymour stands in shock in Live and Let Die.
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When she was recruited to play the Bond Woman known as Solitaire in Live and Let Die, Jane Seymour had no idea what to expect from the process. Helping usher in a new chapter of James Bond movies, Seymour starred against then-new 007 Roger Moore, and she went on to become one of the most memorable female characters in the saga. If she were given the chance, Jane Seymour would actually love to return to the role of Solitaire, though she has some reasonable expectations as to how and why.  

Coincidentally, Seymour is helping promote a rather appropriate mobile game at the moment: Solitaire Grand Harvest. During her press rounds for the app, Jane Seymour spoke with People about her part in the Roger Moore era of James Bond. When asked if she’d like to return to the 007 franchise in character, her enthusiasm was laid out with the following caveats: 

Of course, I'd do it. I've always been very open about saying that I'd be happy to just walk behind the scene and someone could go, 'Is that Solitaire?' … I support everything to do with the Bond franchise. When they have books coming out about Bond Girls or podcasts or whatever it is, I always show up.

Though she may not have known what to expect, Jane Seymour seems to know why she was cast in Live and Let Die. As the role of Solitaire was a virginal beauty with the powers of foresight, previous acting experience signaled to the James Bond producers that she was the perfect pick. 

If she were to return to the 007 fold, a cameo would help avoid some of the accidental peril Jane Seymour experienced on that set long ago. This sort of appearance also sounds like it could fit into the grand scheme of things, no matter which direction the future of Bond films happens to take. 

Naturally, Jane Seymour is happy about her role in the history of the almost-60-year-old James Bond franchise. Still up for honoring her character, and the legacy at large, her remarks above are pretty open about that stance. Further drawing a parallel between the past and present, Seymour continued to expand upon her feelings thusly: 

I was 20 years old when I shot the James Bond film and I had no idea what was going on. … There's this really interesting sorority of women who've been Bond Girls, which is fun in its own right.

Though Solitaire doesn’t seem to have made the list of James Bond side characters who almost returned, it’s a rumor that just might pop up from time to time now that it’s in the either. Much like that time Quantum of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko was rumored to come back in Skyfall, the truth of the matter won’t get in the way of a good story. Then again, with a new era beginning in James Bond’s cinematic history, a familiar face wouldn’t hurt in the transition to the next potential tuxedo clad spy.

At the very least, James Bond fans can revisit Jane Seymour’s performance as Solitaire in Live and Let Die. Amazon Prime subscribers are in an especially good position to do so, as this is part of the 007 movies currently available to stream on that particular platform. So there’s no need to rig the tarot deck for this outcome. 

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