Jared Padalecki Has Weighed In On The Titanic Door Debate, Because Why Not?

Jared Padalecki and Titanic
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It’s been 25 years since Titanic sailed its way into theaters and was number one at the box office for 12 years. But there’s still one tiny detail that bothers people today: would Jack have fit on the boat with Rose and survived the Titanic sinking with her? Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki gave his take on the Titanic door debate just for argument’s sake.

In Titanic’s third act when the ship finally sinks to the freezing ocean floor, Jack and Rose swim to a floating door and both try to rest on top of it for their safety. Unfortunately, the door doesn’t hold both of them which leads to Jack allowing Rose to stay on top of the door while he dies of hypothermia due to staying in the freezing water. People still debate that the two star-crossed lovers could have fit on the door. TV and film actor Jared Padalecki gave his stance on an Instagram story on whether or not Jack and Rose could have fit. Take a look below.

Jared Padalecki's take on Titanic ending

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Looks like Jared Padalecki is one of the masses who believes Jack and Rose could have fit. Over two decades later, people have still been trying to square off this debate. And can you blame them? Could Jack have survived the Titanic sinking with Rose and lived life together as audiences wanted? Others who had nothing to do with the movie shared their input like MythBusters who did an experiment to see if Jack and Rose’s lives could have been spared lying on that door. They proved that there would have been plenty of room for the two of them if they really tried. Others included Neil DeGrasse Tyson who also had a problem with Titanic’s ending feeling that Jack and Rose could have made more attempts to fit on the door compared to giving up after one failed attempt. While that part bothered me as well, it’s possible these two characters just didn’t have any more strength left to come up with a thousand scenarios.

As for what Titanic cast members have to say, Leonardo DiCaprio refused to comment as he laughs at the question. Kate Winslet has previously admitted that she felt they both could have fit. While talking about the resurgence of the door debate, Winslet said she would like to one day revisit the door scene and see if she and DiCaprio would fit on that particular prop if they were to try it again. Let’s cross our fingers that the legendary prop door still exists so we can see this moment come to life one day.

If there’s anyone who can best answer this question, it would be the brains of the operation, James Cameron. However, the visionary director has expressed his frustration with the criticism that Jack had to die no matter what in order to give the film artistic meaning. To further prove his point and unwillingly stick with science, Cameron did a thorough forensic analysis with a hypothermia expert who reproduced the door and got two stunt people of the same body mass as Winslet and DiCaprio. The results- there was no way both of them could have survived. As Jack and Rose’s love story resembled Romeo and Juliet, it was basically written in stone that their relationship would start and end on their Titanic journey.

Jared Padalecki claims that Jack and Rose could have fit on the door and their lives would have been spared. My long-held belief has always been that while Jack and Rose could have fit on the door, their weights together wouldn’t have been enough to keep the door afloat. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s upcoming movie releases so you’ll be the first to know about James Cameron’s new projects.

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