Jonathan Bailey Responds To His Wicked Movie Casting As The Internet Freaks Out

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton Reacting to Kate in the Season 2 finale of Bridgerton
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Yesterday, it was announced that Bridgerton favorite and West End darling Jonathan Bailey was cast in Wicked. He will be playing Fiyero, the lead love interest, in the two-movie adaptation of the hit musical. Cast and fans alike were filled with overwhelming excitement, as Bailey, the cast and director of the movies gushed over the new Fiyero.

Along with Bailey, it was announced almost a year ago that Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo were cast in the two lead roles of Glinda and Elphaba, respectively. The film’s director Jon M. Chu shared the actresses' emotional reactions to being cast last year, and yesterday shared how excited he was to have Bailey joining the production. His co-stars also posted about their excitement. 

Jonathan Bailey Responded To His Casting As Fiyero In The Wicked Movies

Not long after Chu’s tweet and Bailey’s Instagram post confirming his casting, lots of love from Grande, Erivo and other big-time celebrities, like Bailey’s Bridgerton costars Luke Newton and Simone Ashley, were posted, congratulating the actor. Erivo posted an epic black and white side-by-side-by-side of the three actors to which Bailey respond via his IG stories this morning, check it out:  

Jonathan Bailey reposted a Instagram post from Cynthia Erivo's post with black and white photos of the two of them and Ariana Grande. He commented with "Shiz got real." with a green heart emoji.

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That’s right Mr. Bailey, “shiz” did just get “real.” Along with Erivo and Grande posting their excitement, fans are over the moon about this casting. 

Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Bridgerton Star Being Cast In Wicked

We know that Bailey is a loved actor for his role in Bridgerton. However, what people may not be as aware of his musical talent. Bailey is an accomplished performer on the West End. He won an Olivier for his outstanding performance in the West End revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, and he has appeared in productions of other musicals like American Psycho and The Last Five Years. Many fans were quick to point out his musical success and can’t wait to see him sing with Broadway’s Cynthia Erivo. For example, @Rob_Madge_02 tweeted: 

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@Veronica_R_T made sure to point out how much of a blessing it is that we get to see Bailey and Erivo perform together. Dare I say, hearing them duet could quite possibly defy gravity. 

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Others, like @jaoepedror tweeted about how they will “literally die” when they hear the Bridgerton actor sing Fiyero’s main song “Dancing Through Life ” and, honestly, same.

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Who knows, maybe Bailey has known about this longer than we thought? As @FdezzGarciiia pointed out, he could have been teasing his upcoming role in a recent interview. 

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While Bailey and Chu may have known about this for a while, the announcement yesterday 1,000% made fans’ days, like @wannabecari for example, and will continue to brighten people’s lives, especially once we get our first looks at Bailey singing his heart out. 

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Much like how Chu praised Grande and Erivo when they got cast, the same has happened with Bailey. With each post or comment that comes out, I just get more and more excited to see our Bridgerton viscount turn into a prince in Wicked

While we have to wait for a while to see the two-part adaptation of Wicked on the big screen, we can go back and listen to the West End Company cast album. We can also rewatch Bridgerton, which was one of Netflix’s most popular shows when it took over the 2022 TV schedule and stole our hearts. I’d presume Bailey will be stealing even more hearts come December 2024 when he makes his debut as Fiyero.  

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