Joseph Gordon Levitt Recalls A Bruce Willis Compliment That He’s Never Forgotten

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper
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Bruce Willis has been receiving an outpouring of love and support since announcing his retirement from acting due to his aphasia diagnosis. Filmmakers, former co-stars, and Hollywood friends have been recounting their time with the Die Hard icon. The latest Hollywood actor to add their name to the list was his Looper co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sharing the screen with Willis was a huge moment in his career, but what happened during the film shoot left a bigger impact on him. The 500 Days of Summer actor recalled a compliment the retired Hollywood icon gave him that he’s never forgotten.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t just The Sixth Sense actor’s scene partner, but played the younger version of Bruce Willis' character in Looper. He mentioned to Vanity Fair that the role was one of his favorites due to becoming a mirror of Willis. But there was a particular scene between the two actors that stuck with Gordon-Levitt. He spilled what the acting veteran said about him after the duo had a yelling match during the scene.

I had a moment of validation, it wasn’t in this scene. There was a scene later in the movie where we were yelling at each other. I don’t know if Bruce did this on purpose or he did it unintentionally, but it was kind of the highest compliment he could pay me. It was right after they said cut, he was turning away and walking back to his mark, he didn’t even say it to me, he kind of said it to himself, ‘Sounds like me.’ I just turned to myself and was like, ‘Fucking yes!’ I think, knowing him, that was really his ultra generous way of paying me a compliment, but it was very kind to do it in that way.

Getting the seal of approval from Bruce Willis himself would make anyone’s day. Given Gordon-Levitt’s acting prowess, it should be no surprise to hear the Glass actor give such a compliment. Physically resembling your co-star is one thing but taking on their mannerisms and speech pattern is the mark of a true thespian. Channeling every inch of his co-star paid off as the film was another hit for both actors.

The Hollywood renaissance man’s story was just the latest recount from the Hollywood icon’s illustrious career. Willis’ ex-wife Demi Moore voiced her appreciation for good wishes from fans and friends, eliciting more support from other Hollywood staples like M. Night Shyamalan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Their tributes were followed up by reactions from the likes of Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta. Hopefully, the actor knows just how much he is loved as he ends his decades-long career.

Of course, fans’ farewell to the actor will be much longer as there are several upcoming projects set to premiere. In the meantime, they can look back at some of Bruce Willis’ best movies, including Looper, to pass the time. Look over our 2022 movie schedule to stay up on which films are coming out this year.

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