Katherine Schwarzenegger Is Still Hiding Her And Chris Pratt’s Kid’s Face In Posts, But This One’s Super Adorable

With the world becoming more and more of a place where social media and online content determine public perception, celebrities, and people in general, are starting to be pretty careful about what they post online. One of the ways many people are doing this is by keeping their children’s faces off their digital accounts. Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt, being two major celebrities, have worked particularly hard to keep their little one’s privacy intact. Schwarzenegger is still hiding her little one in a new post, but she’s sure doing it in an adorable way.

While some celebrities don’t seem to mind posting full pictures of their precious little ones, Katherine Schwarzenegger is always finding creative ways to keep her and Chris Pratt’s daughter semi-hidden from their fans. In her newest Instagram post, it’s more of the same, but one can’t help but notice how adorable the tiny baby shoes are in the photo. Check it out for yourself below:

Not only are the tiny baby feet covered in what is probably one pricey pair of fuzzy sneakers, but the white fluff of a shoe matches Katherine Schwarzenegger’s perfectly. It seems to be a mommy-and-me pair, and I’m here for it. The fact that they lace up and everything just has me wishing my little one was just that little again. 

Fans of the TV personality are commenting on her post with all the praise for both her matching and mommying skills. The “awwws” and heart eye emojis are running rampant in the comment section, with some moms even saying they have the same pair for them and their littles in a different color.

It makes a lot of sense as to why Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have decided to try to keep their little one in the limelight of their fame, as other celebrities have come forward with just how they feel about their fame encroaching on their children’s lives. After all, their kids didn’t have a say in how famous their parents would be, and it’s nice that celebrities are taking steps in order for their kids to have a kind of normal childhood. 

Celebrities like George Clooney have been very vocal about the need for children to be given some grace from their parents’ fame, Clooney even sent an open letter to a news publication after it ran a story about Billie Lourd’s young child.

Katherine Schwarzenegger herself may have an interesting take on this topic, having grown up with a famous dad. Around the time when Schwarzenegger was young, it would have been pretty impossible to not know who Arnold Schwarzenegger was, as he is an action icon and was in his prime around that time and has a very recognizable look and sound.

It may be a little disappointing to fans of celebrities that they don’t get a bigger window into their lives as their family grows, but it’s a decision that most seem to respect. But Katherine Schwarzenegger isn’t keeping the cuteness away from her fans because, even though there may not be much of her little one shown in photos shared to her social media, the level of cuteness is far from lacking.

Carlie Hoke
Content Writer

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