Kevin Hart Has No Idea Why Fans Are Making A Slew Of Memes Of Him, But He’s Very Amused

Kevin Hart in Real Husbands of Hollywood
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In the age of the internet, pretty much anyone can become a meme at any given moment. You just have to be in the right place at the right time, or oftentimes in the wrong place. It’s kind of beautiful when you think about it. One moment someone is just going about their day and the next they are the go-to reaction image for millions of people. Kevin Hart is obviously already super famous, but recently he has become meme famous. And yes, he’s taken notice. 

Across the last week, various photos of Kevin Hart have become the subject of memes and the internet cannot get enough. The actor has caught wind of the trend and took to Instagram to share a few while also commenting on the topic. Check it: 

Hart took to social media to share a round of memes via a “bunch of his dumbass friends” to ask people why the heck he’s suddenly a meme. The comedian had to admit that “they are funny as hell,” but he also seems genuinely confused about the whole thing. And hey, he has the right to be, this is truly an enigma. 

The nature of the meme trend is truly just people on the internet finding photos of Kevin Hart that have been taken over the years, whether they be for magazines, general photoshoots or at events and putting funny phrases to them like Hart shared in the post above. The actor is certainly no stranger to being roasted on the internet or even dealing with cancel culture, but this time he’s trending for a pretty harmless reason. 

When I took to Twitter to investigate, there have been tons of Kevin Hart memes going around, many of which have gone positively viral. It seems like someone started finding images of Kevin Hart and making memes, and the folks online kept going by doing their own. And now it’s totally a thing. Hart is a famous man, perhaps someone was casually looking through Google images and started making memes of the actor, and it spread like wildfire. The trend is so fresh that the meme reference site, KnowYourMeme has yet to understand the origin of it either. 

Aside from Kevin Hart becoming memeified a lot lately, the actor unfortunately had a recent comedy show in Egypt cancelled allegedly due to past comments. He recently has been in the Middle East for his Reality Check tour and over the next few months he’ll be headlining shows in the U.S., New Zealand, Canada and Europe. 

Kevin Hart has numerous movies on the way, such as the Borderlands movie and working with Will Smith for the first time on a Planes, Trains & Automobiles remake. Hart’s next movie is called Lift and it’s about a female master thief and her ex-boyfriend, who team up to steal $100 million in gold bullion as it is transported on a flight. The movie among Netflix new releases will also star Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Worthington, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jean Reno and Jacob Batalon. It’s coming out this August 25. Until then, bring on more hilarious Hart memes!

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