Ludacris Has Some Questions For His Former Fast Co-Star After The Rock Shares An Unusual Cheat Meal

Besides being a wrestling icon and one of Hollywood’s most famous movie stars, Dwayne Johnson has also built a large social media following, particularly on Instagram. Head over to The Rock’s account, and among the content you’ll see are promotions of his other business ventures, fun encounters with fans and, of particular excitement to the foodies out there, glimpses of his memorable cheat meals. Regarding that latter category, Ludacris, his former Fast & Furious co-star, inquired earlier this week about something unusual compared to Johnson’s other cheat meal-related posts.

One day a week, Dwayne Johnson “cheats” by preparing a meal that does not in any way benefit his health or fitness goals; as long as it sounds appetizing to him, it’s fair game. Earlier this week, Johnson showed that his cheat meal was some delicious-looking French toast, but weirdly, he shared this on a Monday, despite Sundays usually being his cheat meal day. This prompted Ludacris to write the following in the Instagram post’s comments section:

Wait. It’s only Monday? Thought Cheat meals was Yesterday?

What’s going on here? Did something happen with Dwayne Johnson’s schedule that forced his to push his cheat meal to Monday? Has Monday become his new cheat meal day? Or was he simply late in sharing the look at the French toast? Johnson didn’t provide any clarification to Ludacris, so for any other interested parties, keep an eye out on Sunday to see if Johnson’s cheat meals will be back to their regularly scheduled slot. Whatever the case, at least we know The Rock was delighted to chow down on that delectable meal.

Dwayne Johnson and Ludacris’ professional paths first crossed on Fast Five, which saw Johnson’s character, Luke Hobbs, being directed by Diplomatic Security Service to bring in Dominic Toretto and his crew, including Ludacris’ Tej Parker, who’d previously appeared in 2 Fast 2 Furious. By the end of the movie, though, Hobbs was on better terms with the main protagonists, and when Fast & Furious 6, he officially allied with them for the first time. Johnson returned for Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious, but since he’s made it clear he won’t be appearing in any of the remaining main Fast & Furious movies, unless Ludacris hops over to Hobbs & Shaw 2, it’s doubtful we’ll see these two together in this franchise again.

Ludacris, on the other hand, looks like he’ll be sticking around the main Fast saga until the end. Last year’s F9 saw Tej Parker and Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce heading out into space as part of the latest round of physics-defying world-saving events, and they’re both expected to return alongside Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Sung Kang and Nathalie Emmanuel’s respective characters. As for Dwayne Johnson, along with Hobbs & Shaw 2 (which is a ways off), he’s set to finally make his debut as Black Adam this October, and is also on deck for a Jungle Cruise sequel and two more Red Notice movies.

Fast & Furious 10 will race into theaters on May 19, 2023. While we wait for more news on that movie and what Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meal will be, the upcoming 2022 movies lineup is available for you to plan what you’ll carve out time to watch later this year.

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