Dwayne Johnson Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Surprising Fans On Celebrity Bus Tours

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs and Shaw

A couple weeks ago Dwayne Johnson posted a video of himself to Instagram doing a drive-by on a tour bus. The bus goes around looking at celebrity homes, and they got up close and personal with an actual celebrity when The Rock pulled up to say hi. As one might expect, the people inside went slightly bonkers. It seems that Johnson had some fun doing that, as he recently pulled the stunt again, but this time got a somewhat different response.

In a new Instagram video, Dwayne Johnson pulls up to another tour bus, from the same company, and asks the same question "Do you guys know where I can find The Rock?" The last time he did it there were screams on top of screams. This time, the bus is apparently just so stunned that they barely make any noise at all. Check it out.

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If you suddenly find yourself looking at the biggest movie star in the world, there are a few different ways you can play it. It seems that, for the most part, "playing it cool" is not on anybody's radar in this situation.

Dwayne Johnson clearly has a blast doing this. He says in his post that making people happy is one of the best parts of being famous and it shows. He knows that just by stopping and saying hi he can make somebody's day. Johnson has spoken in the past about the fact that he didn't always see fame in this way, but now does what he can to make people feel good, and watching him here, it clearly makes him feel good too. He even give a little shout out to the bus driver.

When folks go on these tours there's certainly the hope that they might see famous people. If you drive by somebody's house they might be walking through their yard, but they're probably not expecting somebody to drive up alongside and say hi. It's an understandable shock to the system. That just wasn't part of the expectation.

While Dwayne Johnson has posted video of this a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, it sounds like he pulls the drive by move a bit more often than that. There are probably a lot of people who have stories of meeting The Rock in this way. One wonders if the tour bus company is doing better business from people who are hoping they'll get to see The Rock drive by.

As somebody who has interviewed Dwayne Johnson, I can confirm that meeting him is a pretty impressive experience that is worthy of both cheers and stunned silence. Having said that, he's also incredibly nice and a lot of fun, so you don't stay stunned for too long.

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