Dwayne Johnson's Mouthwatering Cheat Meal Posts Are My Favorite Thing On The Internet Right Now

Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice
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I don’t know about you, but Dwayne Johnson - otherwise known as The Rock - eats some mighty fine looking food, some of which he posts about on the internet.  

That’s not to say that he isn’t allowed. The WWE star-turned-actor is built like a truck, respectfully, and probably needs all the fuel he can get to keep up with everything he has going on. With his arduous training for Black Adam probably kicking his butt mixed in with new announcements of another video game movie, Johnson has more work lined up now than ever. 

With his successful 2021 projects - like the records Red Notice broke, as well as his Disney hit, Jungle Cruise, receiving a sequel -  2022 is already looking like an even better year for the popular actor. 

But damn it, if I don’t want to eat every single one of Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meals. And I know I can’t, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of my favorite things on the internet right now. So the best I can do is react and show my appreciation for his culinary delights. 

The Rock’s “Rock Toast”

I’ve always been a fan of French toast but this…this is a whole other level of wowie. 

Something that Johnson has had made for him several times is his “famous/infamous” Rock Toast. At first, you might just think this looks like a huge cinnamon roll, but it’s in fact several pieces of fluffy Brioche bread, drenched in what I can assume is a syrup, topped with whipped cream, and caramel sauce, and more. 

I mean, to me that screams “heart attack on a plate” - but if it was served to me, you bet your ass I’d still eat the hell out of it. 

A Giant Plate Of Sushi, Cookies, And Of Course, His Tequila Brand

Now this is the dream. Watching football and eating a gigantic plate of sushi, as well as a huge serving of cookies, while washing it all down with tequila. I mean, how can one person eat that much sushi and cookies in one sitting? My stomach could never. 

More Sushi And Cookies

Oh look, there's more.

If you scroll through the Rock’s Instagram page, you’ll notice that he often repeats a lot of his cheat meals, and sushi (as well as cookies) seems to be the one that pops up decently often. But hey, if I had food looking this good every cheat day, I wouldn’t want to stop eating it either. 

Two Sirloin Burgers With Avocado And Double Bacon, Fries - And Tequila

Finally, something I actually think I could eat. In this post, Johnson has another fun cheat day, but instead of there being something sweet or seafood, it’s pure sirloin in burger form, topped off with avocado and bacon - scratch that, double bacon, paired with some delicious-looking fries. 

As someone who, admittedly, has chowed down on two burgers in one sitting in the past (don’t judge me), I can admit that this is one of those perfect cheat meals that will not only supply you with your daily nutrients (look at all that protein), but will taste so damn good. And I’m sure that tequila goes down real nicely after too. 

On another note, Johnson actually owns the tequila often pictured in these cheat meals, called Teremana Tequila

Coconut Lemon Pancakes With Peanut Butter

Pancakes have always been one of my staple breakfast foods, no matter how unhealthy they can be. And that’s what Johnson decided to do this day - and many other cheat days. 

This meal consists of pancakes infused with lemon and coconut, smeared on top with some peanut butter, granola, and of course, syrup. And apparently, according to his post, he started out with six pancakes - because two with all the sweetness just wasn’t enough. 

On another note, I’m almost positive my stomach would yell at me if I ate that much, but you can’t look at me and tell me that doesn’t look amazing. He’s made other variations of pancakes on his feed, but this one looks so delicious. 

A Whole Plate Just Full Of Sweets

Come on, we’ve all had those days where literally all we want to eat is sweets. We had a bad day at work or school and just wanted something to cheer us up. That’s where this comes in handy, and why this is the perfect cheat day meal. 

On Johnson’s plate are double chocolate and peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, Double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip with walnut cookies, and two slices of some fine-looking coffee cake. 

Jeez, I think my mouth is drooling. I’ll be back in a bit. Need to go learn this man’s cookie recipe

Two Plain Bagels With Garlic Butter Paired With A Bowl Of Pasta 

What do you do when you don’t have any garlic bread available? Use two bagels and make a garlic butter, of course. Why didn’t I ever think of that? 

Originally, this bagel substitute was meant as a replacement for Italian bread in another Instagram post, but The Rock apparently liked it enough to repeat the meal. 

In this cheat meal post, Johnson is seen eating a classic that everyone loves - pasta with a vodka sauce using giant shells, but instead of pairing with garlic bread, he puts two whole bagels, split in half, presumably with garlic butter, right on top.

As someone who loves pasta and has made homemade pasta, I just want to say yes to this whole entire concoction. Also, as someone who has paired bagels with garlic and cheese and sauce before, I again want to say yes. Give me every single last bit of this meal and I will devour it.

Belgian Waffles With An Enormous Amount Of Maple Syrup

Last but not least, we’re faced with a simple classic. Johnson, for this cheat meal, decided to have multiple Belgian waffles, only to be smeared all the way down with an enormous amount of maple syrup. 

My teeth and heart are telling me no but my stomach and eyes are telling me yes. I want all of this, so badly. Or maybe I’m just hungry now. 

Seeing all of these meals makes me want to watch all of Johnson’s best movies just to see how this man stays so healthy with all of these amazing-looking meals. Now, if I could get those recipes, I think I could die a very happy lady. But unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that Rock Toast is going to remain a secret. Dang it!

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