Man Who Punched Miles Teller In The Face Has Been Charged With Assault

Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick
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A vacation in Hawaii is supposed to be the sort that allows for rest and relaxation but actor Miles Teller had a much rougher time on a trip to Maui earlier this year when he had an altercation in a bathroom that led to him being hit in the face. Now, the man who allegedly struck Teller has been charged with 3rd degree assault. 

Russell Nielsen is the name of the man who allegedly assaulted Miles Teller back in May. While Teller said at one point that he had no idea why he was accosted, it turned out that Nielsen and Teller knew each other, as Nielsen’s wife was a wedding planner who had apparently worked on Teller’s own wedding. According to TMZ, there was some sort of a disagreement regarding money potentially owed to the wedding planner, that apparently turned violent

Whatever the financial situation here, this should probably be a lesson that punching people in the face is not necessarily the best method of getting money you think you’re owed. Even if Teller does owe this guy money, he’s still going to have to deal with criminal charges and that's not going to help with the financial situation. 

On the plus side, I suppose this means that whatever the issues at hand are, they might come out in court. If Miles Teller does owe this guy money that will almost certainly be entered into evidence in the proceedings. It won’t actually make Teller pay, (that would require civil proceedings) but I suppose if he can convince a jury that the money was worth fighting over, it might actually help his case. 

Of course, that assumes that this charge actually sees a trial. Since it’s only a minor charge, there’s a decent chance that the charges will be dealt with in a plea bargain or some other method that will keep it out of an actual courtroom. It doesn’t seem likely most of the parties involved will actually be all that interested in dealing with this case. There are probably much bigger legal issues in Hawaii that need to be handled. 

And Miles Teller probably has other things he wants to do as well. At some point, if it can stop being delayed, he’s got a new movie coming out in the form of Top Gun: Maverick. That was a highly anticipated sequel even before it was delayed multiple times. Now the movie is set to open in 2022 and it seems like we’ve probably seen the last delay, but then, with the movie’s fate still not entirely known it’s that much more of a reason Teller won’t want to have other things on his plate.  

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