Mark Wahlberg’s Filming A ‘Secret Project,’ But I Can’t Get Past That ’Stache

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If you’re a fan of Mark Wahlberg, you can probably recognize him right away in a film. The actor has had changing facial hair and even different varying lengths of hair from film to film over the last 25 years. From clean shaven and hair greased back in The Departed to shaggy bearded in this year’s Joe Bell and even rocking some long loose curls in Rock Star back in the day, the star is pretty much always recognizable and purely Wahlberg no matter how he is transformed. It looks like he’s kicking his facial hair game up in a major way with a bushy handlebar mustache in a new “secret project”, and I just can’t look away.

Mark Wahlberg is seemingly taking a break from his already pretty hectic schedule to film a secret project, but apparently his face didn’t get the memo to be discreet. Fans can see the actor sporting a pretty jarring mustache in his new Instagram post, where he faces away from the camera in a hoodie before whipping around revealing an enormous mustache. You can check it out for yourself below, but be warned - it’s spooky season and Wahlberg’s new whiskers is akin to a jump scare: 

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“What the fuck?” indeed. Honestly this whole situation Mark Wahlberg has going on is super weird, and I kind of love it. Wahlberg is looking like a young Sam Elliot, and who wouldn’t be on board with that? The new scruff paired with the announcement of an elusive secret project and the fact that the actor is letting out some silliness on video for all to see is enough to make a Wahlberg fan practically giddy. 

I can’t tell if he’s going for more of a Lorax look or has taken some inspiration from Hulk Hogan, minus all the bleach, but whatever it is, I’m not the only one loving it. Rosalind Ross, who is directing Mark Wahlberg in Stu, playfully guesses that he’ll be playing the live-action Yosemite Sam in the comments. While the mustache he is now donning would rival that of the Looney Toons character, dying his hair red would probably cross the line and be a little too much for fans to process right now. 

While the star has certainly proven he can grow a beard in the past, I have my doubts as to whether the mustache is all him. He is still currently filming Me Time with Kevin Hart, in which he is completely clean shaven. That ‘stache he is sporting in this so-called secret project certainly wasn’t grown overnight - Tom Selleck and Ron Swanson together couldn’t even make that happen. 

It’s hard to say just what Mark Wahlberg’s secret project is all about or when we’ll be able to see it, but there’s plenty of the star coming up to get our Wahlberg fix in. You can check out his recently released Infinite on Paramount+, and you can check out a different type of mustache on Wahlberg in Uncharted, which is set to release in February of next year. 

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