Matthew Perry Recalls Partying With Bruce Willis, Confirms He Prays For Him After Aphasia Diagnosis

We’ve learned a great deal about Matthew Perry in recent days as as excerpts from his new memoir,  Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing have been released. In the book he speaks honestly about himself and his struggles with addiction, but he also takes the time to heap praise on those he thinks are worthy of of it. One of those is his Whole Nine Yards co-star Bruce Willis. 

Bruce Willis recently revealed that he had been diagnosed with aphasia, and has retired from acting. The news was a shock to fans and friends alike, and Matthew Perry is clearly both of those things. In the book (via EW) he talks about partying with Bruce Willis. It sounds like Willis knew how to have a good time, but Perry draws a line between the two of them, because the Die Hard actor knew when, and how, to quit, Perry explained… 

But there was a big difference between Bruce and me. Bruce was a partier; I was an addict. Bruce has an on-off button. He can party like crazy, then get a script like The Sixth Sense and stop the partying and nail the movie sober. He doesn't have the gene—he's not an addict.

It seems that Perry and Willis would literally party all night long, though in Perry’s case it seems that was more about addiction than fun. However, when the party was over and the two were the only ones left, Perry would see just what kind of man Bruce Willis was when he turned that switch off, and it sounds like he was everything fans would hope for. Perry continues…

Sometimes, at the end of the night, when the sun was just about to come up and everyone else had gone, and the party was over, Bruce and I would just sit and talk. That's when I saw the real Bruce Willis—a good-hearted man, a caring man, selfless. A wonderful parent. And a wonderful actor. And most important, a good guy.

This support echoes what a lot of people have said about Bruce Willis following the revelation of his aphasia diagnosis. All those who know Brice Willis well seem  to have nothing but good things to say about him. Exactly what the future holds for Willis is unclear. So far, the accomplished actors seems to be enjoying life, and Perry certainly hopes that continues… 

I, of course, pray for him every night now.

Bruce Willis is just one of the people that Matthew Perry speaks fondly about in his new book. He also speaks in very loving tones about River Phoenix and Chris Farley, even if he somewhat accidentally ends up badmouthing Keanu Reeves in the process.

Dirk Libbey
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